5 Things to Know About Your Online Reputation

qwdeqwdYour reputation is intangible, but incredibly important. It is a concept, rather than a single piece of data, and this can make it hard to manage as well. Luckily, it isn’t difficult to find an excellent reputation management company to make sure that your reputation isn’t destroyed and that it is always positive. Let’s look at five things that you need to know about your online reputation.

1. Online Research

It is a known fact that 88% of customers look up a company’s reputation before they decide whether or not to shop there. If they find positive reviews and a good reputation, they are more likely to shop there. If they find bad feedback, however, they will go elsewhere. This also demonstrates just how important it is that you focus on customer satisfaction and try to resolve any problems people may have.

2. Customer Service

You must have excellent customer service in place. This means that you reply to your customers if they have a question or remark, positive or negative. You also have to make sure that your customer service is excellent in your actual store. Responding to negative comments is perhaps the most important thing, however, as people are more inclined to publicly complain than to publicly compliment.

3. Understand Communication Leverage

Once upon a time, a person who had a good experience would usually share that with around five other people and, if they had a negative experience, they would share it with about 10. Today, however, whether they had a good or positive experience, they can share it with millions straight away. The advent of the internet has made sure of this. You must understand the communication leverage they hold therefore, and always stay on the ball, making sure that what is said is positive.

4. Focus on Search Engines

Reputation management is now an integral part of search engine optimization (SEO). Your goal is to make sure positive remarks are easy to find, and that negative remarks get pushed far down the search results so that people simply don’t come across them anymore. This is exactly what SEO does, only with your page as a whole rather than just reviews and comments. However, the two are inextricably linked together and actually achieve similar things.

5. Everything and Everyone Is Online

Some companies continue to not focus on their online reputation because they offer a hands on type of service. Examples are plumbers, builders, interior decorators, and so on. In reality, however, this is a huge mistake. Everything is online nowadays and not having a website is like not having a business at all. But as soon as you have a website, you also have an online reputation and you must keep your eye on it. Some businesses, for instance, will set up an internet page so people can find and contact them, but then they don’t look at it anymore, not even realizing that bad reviews are being spread all over the internet about them.

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