Don’t Bury Your Head in the Sand when It Comes to Your Reputation

Collections AgencyDo you know how damaging a bad reputation can be? No matter how good your marketing plans are, without trust in your brand, your business can literally fail. Companies spend thousands on their PR, marketing, and advertising, but they often forget the importance of working with excellent reputation management companies. In fact, if you have to choose between spending your money on an advertising campaign, or on a reputation management company, you should do the latter!

Why A Good Strategy Matters

We live in a world where all businesses have to have a strategy in place to make sure they are made aware of any issues that arise that could damage their brand, and to have actions ready to counteract this. Fostering excellent customer relationships is all down to creating a positive image and brand.

The internet is one of the fastest communication tools in the world, and it doesn’t care at all about whether what someone says is positive or negative. Search engines, which decide how easy it is for internet users to find you, also don’t care whether information is positive or negative. What they care about is getting information found. Since social media is now so popular, it is possible for someone to spread information about services, products, companies, and even individuals in a really quick way, allowing the world to see what they think. Unfortunately, what they think is often not what is the truth, but, as said, the internet doesn’t care.

The Example

Do you know the juice brand Tropicana? For a quarter of a century, they used an orange with a straw as their logo. Suddenly, however, they decided to change it into a glass of juice. Consumers absolutely hated it. They rushed to social media to ridicule the new logo, asking others to completely boycott the brand. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Tropicana didn’t respond for two months. When they did, however, they brought their old logo back. The damage to their brand has been uncountable, particularly due to their slow response.

Dominos Pizza, equally famous, also had a huge situation. Here, two employees took to YouTube and showed a video of themselves defiling the order of a customer. Dominos Pizza, however, immediately responded. They created their own video, launching a hugely successful reputation management campaign. This story actually featured in the New York Times.

So what can we learn from this? Most importantly, that you must manage your reputation. The way to do that is to utilize both traditional PR techniques, and modern tools like social media. By working with a reputation management company, you will make sure that your reputation will be tracked and maintained, and that it will be repaired when needed as soon as some damage is done. No business can survive nowadays without putting a strong focus on their online reputation. Similarly, underestimating just how important reputation is, can also be fatal to the success of your business.

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