Pros And Cons Of PMP Certification

fegrtegeybheyhbetyPMP certification marks a stamp on you of being highly educated in the respective field in addition to having the experience as well as the competency in order to lead plus direct the projects. PMP certified peopleare being hunted and found out by the leading organizations to hire them at several designations as such people having this certification are known to benefit the organization. Be it the public or the private organizations, here or anywhere else across the globe employ the PMP certified managers with the sole objective of improving the success rate of the project that they undertake. This is so because the certified people apply a standardized set of the project management principles that have been taught during thePMP certification training. Like every coin has flip side, similar is the case with the PMP certification. At one end it has advantages and at the other end it has certain disadvantages. Here is the list of Pros And Cons Of PMP Certification.

Advantages of PMP certification

Being a PMP certified, has several benefits to offer to you. Not only does this certification benefit the individuals but at the same time it is also known to prove advantageous for the organizations that get to hire such people having the certificates. Here are some of the essential merits of holding a PMP certification.

1. Known and acknowledged across the globe

PMP is known to be one of the globally recognized and renowned credential. It is also appreciated for acting as an icing on the cake by making your resume appear more lucrative. This is true, specifically if you aspire to choose a career line in the field of project management.

2. Efficient known how and information

With the availability of the 35 hours of training time, you get to fill any sort of gaps pertaining to knowledge in the same field. With the help of the PDUs, you on the designation of the project manager can boost your desire to become a PMP certified. Another worth noting point is that PMP asks from you a very less time plus money in comparison to any other certification that falls in the same category. Though the major point of focus remains, the basic and advanced set of knowledge that you get to grab.

3. Preferences by the organizations

There are umpteen organizations out there that require the PMP certified managers in order to fulfil the challenging projects that they are required to take. In such a scenario such a certification will give you an edge over your competitors. This certification is known to provide a certain level of the security to the organization as the recruiter know that if they hand their project to the certified person it is in safe hands.

4. Wider network formation

If you consider taking up the PMP this implies that you widen the chances of networking and finding better job opportunities. Apart from this, you also end up getting better study partners so as to prepare for the certification. There is no need for you to delve into the depths of the books so as to clear this certification.

5. Easy grabbing of knowledge

By simply reading one book you get to know it all. Another important aspect is that the knowledge that you gain here is not restricted in its application you get to use t in any industry that you want. It is wider in scope as well as application.

6. Scope of improvement

If you try to continuously improve yourself in this sphere you are sure to cope with the constant changes that keeping taking place. The system is also deployed so as to ensure that you are able to maintain the PMP certification that you have that too with the continuous improvement.

Disadvantages of PMP certification

Every coin has two sides. If it has certain advantages to offer then you can surely not avoid. Similarly, there are certain downsides that are associated with getting the PMP certification. To highlight few of the demerits, the list compiled is as follows:

1. Exam is difficult to qualify

The PMP exam that you need to attempt so as to get the certification is a closed book test. This implies that you need to study hard so as to qualify the same. There is no as such display of the practical knowledge that is considered to be scoring as it uses the wisdom and skill of yours. On the contrary you need to have a strong hold on the theoretical concepts of the same so as to qualify the exam. The exam that you need to get the PMP certification can be quite stressful to you and failure might be the cause of a major set -back.

2. Only enhance your bookish language not the practical one

Above all, the certification that you get is just the stamp that you have learnt the basic knowledge on a formal scale, however, it does not ensure that the skills of using the same are there in you. You surely get the bookish knowledge related to the project management but whether you are able to utilize the same efficiently or not remains to be a task in your hands depending on your capability. PMP is actually the project manager’s credential but not the accreditation for the project in hand.

All in all, these are the Pros And Cons Of PMP Certification. As evident the advantages of the same seems to be more than the disadvantages that it hold. Therefore, the fair conclusion hints towards going in for doing this course so that you can stand out of the crowd. PMPs seem to be high in demand and the case seems to continue in the times to come. The salary that you can expect after getting this certification also tends to be quite high. PMP surely does not for sure indicates that you are the best in the crowd but it surely hints that you are at an edge with your competitors.

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