Top tips for improving your business’s HR processes

Times are changing when it comes to managing how your company utilizes its Human Resources department, and you may even need these colleagues to play an active role in the future of your firm. Gone are the days of recruiters manning the phones, paper pushing or even posting print ads in the local newspapers, instead, the future of HR is very much becoming digitalized and increasingly streamlined. If you work in HR, you may find yourself involved in developing a Communications Strategy, re-aligning your company’s business objectives and even working on improving company onboarding techniques to attract new talent. It sounds like a lot, but worry not, these simple tricks and tips will ensure that your HR department has a makeover and improves productivity to boot.

Stakeholder engagement

First and foremost, who is your target audience within the business, it might be any current colleagues. If you want to ensure that your business’ HR processes go without a glitch, then it’s time that you review your priorities and make sure that your key stakeholders and your current employees remain engaged and focused. One of the toughest chores that recruiters and HR professionals face is making sure that any top talent is retained within your business, rather than pursuing other opportunities elsewhere. Therefore, you need to make sure that you review just how you are engaging with these key stakeholders. A good working relationship with employees is fundamental for any business; in order to ensure that these relationships remain positive and productive, with any issues approached, and if necessary, resolved.

Go digital

It’s a scary concept, but the future of HR and recruitment is undergoing something of a digital revolution. Now, it’s not uncommon for large corporations to post job advertisements on their company website or even social channels such as LinkedIn or Indeed, while potential candidates will even rate or discount your interview process and questions on sites such as Glassdoor. If you haven’t embraced digital, then it’s time to make a change. Begin by making sure that your current listings are active and online, in addition to updating your branding and imagery across any social media platforms that you currently use. The bonus of going digital is that you can benefit from many previous, menial tasks being made a lot easier for you to manage too. Tools such as paycheck stub generator can help you to manage the payroll process, making it a lot easier to complete on time. If you are something of a technophobe, then it may be time to face your fears. The capabilities of going digital mean that HR can be adaptable, accessible and flexible, through online platforms and communication. There are all factors that will improve the integral performance of any process involving HR.

Get with the times

If you haven’t already benefited from using freelancers or contractors to get your work done, then it’s time to get with the times. Freelance work has become more possible due to the capabilities of online sharing and communication. Using talented individuals for a short period of time means that you can get any work completed on time, without having to take these individuals on as full-time employees. At times, this resolution is beneficial for both the freelancer and the business, due to the ability to work out of office within their specifically chosen and outlined set hours, for example. Increasingly, skilled workers are looking for freelance work to offer a break from their current position, or even to develop new areas of interest. So, don’t overlook freelancers if you need projects completed. Freelancers could be the resolution for a particular problem or issue your business is facing. Again, this route has advantages due to its flexibility and adaptability, mainly as working hours are not as restricted or set in stone. Freelancers are often easily contactable also, due to the nature of their work. Maximum productive output can be achieved through outside resourcing, and is an option to consider.

The way that HR is operating is changing. Therefore, if you want to improve your business’s HR processes then make sure that you keep stakeholders engage, explore digitalization and make sure that you consider using freelancers.

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