3 Reasons Influencers Are a Magnet for Brands Today

revgrtwgrtPeople respond well when they’re approached properly. For brands, finding this approach is key for extending their reach and achieving optimal success. In today’s digital age finding a way to personally connect is the holy grail of marketing and influencers are the answer.

Brands from all industries are seeing the value of ambassadors. It helps build customer relationships and can make a message more memorable. If a customer knows and trusts someone, they’re likely to pursue brands if that individual gives said brand a good review.

Brand influencers are a powerful, multi-beneficial marketing solution that can provide long-term benefits to any organization. They can push products further, and cause a greater buzz for a good cause. Here are three reasons influencers are a magnet for brands today.

Influencers Help Generate More Awareness

Customer engagement is a top priority for most successful organizations. While the digital age has made it easier to reach people, the greater ease of information distribution has also led to more competition.

One way to grab a person’s attention and keep it is to enlist the help of a trusted figure. Brand ambassadors are great for making people take notice. They are effective at hooking the viewer, which is sometimes the hardest part of making any type of promotional move. In addition, influencers are already seen as a trustworthy figure within a niche.

Consider the story of Annie Duke, a professional poker player who has used her fame and success for many humanitarian causes. Duke has been called the Duchess of Poker due to her trailblazing women in profession poker tournaments like the World Series of Poker and others. She helps to bring attention to matters of human rights in developing nations. Duke took her success as a poker player and became an ambassador for different philanthropic causes. In 2007, with the help of Don Cheadle and Norman Epstein, she co-founded Ante Up for Africa. They are raising money for a number of different non-profits benefitting African countries. Recently she appeared on the Celebrity Apprentice to raise more than $700,000 for Refugees International.

Creating Good Content Without the Wait

There is usually a price to pay for investing more into content. The focus on quality usually leads to reduced quantities of content.

Putting out content that viewers want to see can be costly and time consuming. Brand ambassadors can help deliver multiple pieces of relevant content within a short time frame. This can be anything from introductions to reviews to advertisements. Brands enlist multiple influencers to create content that then gets distributed to a large targeted audience. The influencer features the brand within the content as a thought leader or trusted resource which automatically attaches credibility to that brand from the influencer.

Consider influencers like Duke and others who generate multiple types of content for their chosen brands while still being relatable to their own audience. Ambassadors bring both quality and quantity to content, providing great return without the wait.

Of course, ambassadors do more than raise numbers. They can give a brand some much-needed relief from the data-focused default condition.

Influencers Add a Human Touch to a Brand

Brands sometimes run the risk of coming off as too stringent, rigid, or corporate to be taken seriously by the average viewer. People prefer content they can relate to, and influencers bridge this gap effectively. Brands come off as stodgy because they have to be careful not to offend customers in their market. By activating influencers to carry their message in a more personal way allows brands to interact with their target market in a way they feel more connected with.

While they have the professional standing to bring awareness to issues and brands, they are usually relatable enough that viewers feel excited to hear what they have to say. The result is a more humanized presentation, and often a greater response.

There’s a reason influencers have the reach that they do. They’re approachable, and have relatable life stories. Their ability to translate their public position to good causes lends itself well to almost any brand.

Influencers are a magnet for brands because they have all the things a brand needs – authority, credibility, and the ability to help others with their status.

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