How to Find Social Media Influencers

Music_in_social_mediaSocial media influencers are key people who can help brands’ target market create their buying decision via social media. Be it a product reviewer, a buyer, an industry expert, or simply a trusted information source, social media influencers should have an extent of authority in your field and must have a huge following for you to cover your market wide.

Social media influencers are good for your business since they can help you reach your core market and build relationships with your potential buyers. They also help enhance your SEO value since they increase the number of your high-quality backlinks and the extent of your social media activity. They, overall, help you generate higher conversion rate and better brand awareness.

Now, how can we find these social media influencers? The following are the way to go:

1. Google

It’s the simplest yet the handiest resort. Those who are ranking high and those you can see on the first few pages of SERPs have already reached a higher exposure. Thus, it’s best to get in touch with them and build association for long-term partnership.

2. Database

There are actually tools and platforms that can help you find influencers based on their credibility, location, etc. You can find influencers using HYPR. Apart from the tools that can help you hunt influencers, there are also platforms that can help you contact them, such as GroupHigh, Cision etc. This method can help you find a broad range of selections. All you have to do is identify who you need and approach them.

3. Network

Influencer networks have become widely used since they help brands save time and efforts. There are ad agencies, influencer agencies, PR firms, etc. that can help you build your network instantly. The results may not be as huge as that of the database, but you can have more time to do other things and leave the rest to the experts.

4. Marketplace

This approach helps brands and social media influencers have an ultimate meeting place. Influencers can decide to join the marketplace and list the activities they want to do. Brands can then choose their pick and seal the deal. This is a breezy way to find the right influencers without doing lots of searching.

5. The Manual Method

If the options above don’t quite suit you, and you want to get more hands-on, you can go to the top social media sites and use their search box to find high-authority people who are related to your field. This could be time-consuming, but through this, you can get to feel their actual traction up close.

Whatever means you’d like to take and whatever purpose you have on finding influencers, the best thing you can remember is to find them and build relationships with them prior to starting your social media campaign. It’s going to be more efficient if you create a high-quality buzz right in the first place and not in the middle of the course.

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