Striking a Business Balance: Reasons You Shouldn’t Forget About Direct Mail Marketing

direct-mail-marketingSuccessful marketing requires a careful balance and the use of many different kinds of media. No matter what kind of business you own, you probably already have a company website and a Facebook page. Maybe you started a blog or set up an Instagram account to engage with your customers directly and build your brand. While all of those strategies are great ways to grow your business and make more sales, you should not lose sight of tried and true marketing methods like direct mail.

Direct mail is not dead – in fact it is very much alive and helping smart companies make the most of their marketing budgets. For the cost of some envelope printing and a few stamps, you can grow your customer base, enhance awareness for your brand and get the word out about your great new products.

More Than Just Email

When most people hear the word email, they think about the email on their server instead of the paper in their mailbox. Even so, there is much more to mail than the electronic version, and people still get dozens of pieces of snail mail every single week.

If you are not reaching into the physical mailboxes of your potential customers, you could be missing out on a golden opportunity. There are a number of reasons why direct mail should be an integral part of your marketing strategy – here are some of the biggest and most important.

Overflowing Inboxes

When email was new, it was easy for businesses to get the word out and reach their customers. In the early days of the Internet, the average user might receive 5 or 10 messages a day, and they had time to read and respond to each one individually.

These days those users are likely to receive dozens or even hundreds of email messages every single day. With that volume fo messages, it is simply not possible to read everything, and it is easy for your carefully crafted emails to get lost in the shuffle.

Creating a memorable and unique direct marketing campaign is often the best way to break through the clutter and get the attention of those jaded viewers. Direct mail is not dead – it is a key part of the modern marketing landscape.

Guaranteed Delivery

When you send an email blast to your customers, you have no control once it leaves your server. The email could get through and get you a sale – or it could end up in the spam folder or get lost on the way.

When you use direct mail marketing instead, you know your message will get to the intended recipient. There are no spam folders in the real world, and guaranteed delivery is one of the biggest advantages of direct mail marketing.

Better Branding

Building trust has never been more important, and nothing builds a brand better than an integrated approach to marketing. Smart marketers know that they need to use a variety of techniques – from email and direct mail to radio and television – to build their brands and get the attention of their customers.

Modern viewers see hundreds of advertising messages a day, and they have become quite adept at tuning it all out. Adding direct mail campaigns to your existing slate of marketing strategies can improve your results substantially and give your brand the boost it needs.

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