The Most Popular Burger King Locations in LA

frwfqrfqNext to McDonald’s, Burger King is without doubt one of the world’s most internationally recognisable, far-reaching restaurant chains of all time. Beginning its international expansion in 1969, it has over 15,000 stores spanning across five continents and over 65 different countries. The success has been attributed to its franchise structure to ensure that, whether you’re visiting a branch in Eygpt, Myanmar, Mongolia or Figi, the quality is consistent and you know exactly what you’re going to get.

But does this mean that every store is the same? Not exactly. Just ask the ‘Angelinos’. The LA Weekly, which calls LA ‘the burger capital of America’, argues that ‘LA has been more shaped by burgers, and burgers have been more shaped by LA, than any other city.’ And with over a hundred Burger King stores alone to choose from, competition is fierce. Which joints are going above and beyond? Which store is the King of the LA Burger Kings?

9601 Airport Boulevard, CA 90045

The Airport Boulevard store, the nearest Burger King in LA to the airport, offers sweet relief to exhausted travellers with their free drink refills. It has a strong online presence with TripAdvisor reviewers praising their friendly staff, convenient location next to major hotels, and wide ranging menu that caters for international clientele.

7079 W Sunset Blvd, CA 90028-7509

Just a short walk from the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Sunset Boulevard branch is hugely popular with tourists looking to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s certainly busy, but the staff operate like a well-oiled machine and the sheer number of guests they serve in day is incredible. Lost tourists have expressed their gratitude to the helpful, understanding staff, with the special ‘2 for 10’ menu proving to be a hit.

2051 E Florence Ave, CA 90001

The success of fast food burgers in LA has partly been down to its car culture. Shouting your order down a muffled drive-thru intercom system can sometimes be a frustrating experience, but the East Florida Avenue Burger King set the bar high. The service is fast and accurate with bilingual staff offering great deals. Locals cite this as one of the best Burger Kings in the area and recommend the selections of hot dogs which one online reviewer claims are ‘grilled to perfection.’

3520 S Sepulveda Blvd, CA 90034

One of the top Burger King’s in the Palms/ Culver City area is the branch on South Sepulveda Boulevard. Customers have flocked to the store following news that the chicken fries are now a permanent part of the menu. It’s also open late night so is the perfect spot for some post-night out indulgence.

11546 Sherman Way, CA 91605

A clean, modern building and efficient service has led to happy customers at the Sherman Way branch. Reviewers were particularly impressed with the milkshakes, wide drinks selections, the accommodating staff and an offer of a free EV car charger with every purchase. The location is also very popular being very close to the Home Depot.

545 N Victory Blvd, CA 91502

The North Victory Boulevard store, after a short closure, is open again and is a modern, clean building where you can usually get a comfortable place to sit. Burger King are notoriously generous with their coupon deals and staff here are more than happy to accept them so that you can pick up a great deal. Staff seem to enjoy working there and proud of their customer service, regularly rewarding local customers with their famous BK crowns.

Do you agree with this list? Should your local BK have made the cut? Let us know in the comments below.

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