Which is the UK’s Best Mobile Network for Businesses?

iphoneWith so many mobile networks to choose from in the UK, it’s hard enough to decide which one is the best one for your personal use, but it could be even harder to determine which one is ideal for your business.

If you’re struggling with figuring out which mobile network you should invest in so you can make the most of your smartphone’s capabilities, continue reading to find out which options are the best UK mobile networks for businesses.


EE is, without a doubt, one of the very best mobile networks currently available in the UK. It was formed after T-Mobile and Orange merged, and it now offers the UK’s fastest and widest 4G coverage.

If you’re looking for a reliable network that also offers premium 4G speeds that reach anywhere from 60 Mbps to 150 Mbps, EE is definitely the way to go. And with coverage in hundreds of cities and towns throughout the UK, you can do business quickly and reliably no matter where you need to travel for your job.

Ultimately, for speed and coverage, EE simply can’t be beat and the competition is finding it difficult to keep up with the power that EE has to offer.


Another hugely popular mobile network in the UK is Three, and for good reason. When it comes to those who need a smartphone plan that will keep them connected and provide them with the speed they need, Three is one of the most reliable network service providers out there, with a great reputation.

With Three, you can get 3G or 4G connections, and you can also get unlimited data plans, which are really handy if you do a lot of business on your mobile device while you’re on the go. You can also get 4G at no addition cost, so if you have 4G available in your area, the smartphone will automatically switch so you can always enjoy the fastest Internet speeds.

Another great feature for businesspeople is the fact that you can use your smartphone abroad without having to pay extra, so go ahead and travel for work. You can use your data and texts, as well as make calls, in 16 countries, including Norway, the US, Australia, Ireland, and France.

And, finally, when you opt for Three, you can purchase a smartphone that has already been unlocked.


O2 is yet another mobile network that provides a host of great benefits to businesspeople.

For example, you can go with O2 Refresh to upgrade your smartphone anytime so you’re always using the latest technology.

Free access to its public Wi-Fi hotspots, along with Pay & Go plans also help small businesses get more for their money.

These are the top mobile network providers for businesses, but it’s ultimately up to you to decide what smartphone model and what network is really right for you and your company’s needs. If you want to unlock your smartphone and use it on any network, you can always go with a company like Unlocking Smart.

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