The Life Of Charles Phillips, Infor CEO

efwCharles E Phillips was born in the year 1959 and stands out as a really important businessmen after he become Infor CEO. The company is specialized in the creation of enterprise software applications. Charles Phillips was director and co-president of Oracle and did much more in his life in business than many. Let’s take a closer look at what his life was like, with a focus on business.


Charles Phillips’ father was in the Air Force and as a child he ended up moving all around the country, from one state to the next. The fascination that Phillips had with technology and computers eventually led towards the current career path. He enrolled in the US army and did end up working on the computer systems there. In the year 1986 Phillips got his MBA and got a JD from New York Law School.

Business Career

The civilian career basically started in 1986 with a move to New York. Charles Phillips become the Software Vice President at BNY Mellon. The career continued for 4 years, followed by a move to SoundView Technology Group.

In the year 1994 we saw him joining Morgan Stanley, with an official job status of enterprise software-industry analyst. Eventually he became promoted to the position of Managing Director. As time passed, he remained in position, until the year 2003. The work that was done during this period of time led to creating a huge network of connections. Between 1994 and 2003 Charles Phillips was ranked as the main enterprise software industry analyst in the country by Institutional Investor.

The Work At Oracle

In the year 2003 Phillips was invited to join Oracle by Larry Ellison. Between the years 2003 and 2010 he worked at Oracle as co-president and as a director. The work involved leading field organization, making the growth of the company grow by close to 300% while he was in office. He also ended up playing really important parts in the acquisition of over 70 companies. Because of the network he had and the negotiation skills, the profile kept growing and it did come as a surprise when he resigned in the year 2010.


One month later from the departure from Oracle Phillips was announced as the new Infor CEO. Many Oracle executives joined him. After only 4 months he led the acquisition of Lawson Software, a $2 billion deal. As time passed he led the company through multiple acquisitions and immense growth, just as he did with Oracle.

A large part of the operation saw getting Infor to be different than competitors like SAP and Oracle. Niche acquisitions started and the main industry-specific applications started to be improved. Many modifications were done in order to make sure that the company moved towards a new direction, one dominated by growth and achievements.

Charles Phillips now stands out as a highly respected businessman and the work at Infor is actually studied by aspiring entrepreneurs. Only the future knows what will happen in the future but the work at Infor is definitely successful.

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