Wearing A Facemask in Pandemic: Pros and Cons

In this Corona Hit society there isn’t anything more important than Facemask. From doctors to a layman every one has to wear a mask to stay safe during COVID-19. You can’t go outside without a mask, you can’t enter a store without a mask, and so on. There is a long list, where the face mask is involved. But the question here is different. We want to elaborate on the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a mask.

There are plenty of advantages, particularly in context with the pandemic,

It would have been impossible to stay safe without masks. But here is a catch. What do you think the mask is saving you from others around you or vice versa? The main focus is definitely saving others from you. As wearing a mask itself will make it difficult to breathe for a normal person.

What if someone is suffering from asthma or breathing-related disease? Definitely, it will become a tough ask wearing a mask and breathing under it. But if the quality of the mask is good it would make things a bit easier.

Then there comes the skin irritations and such other factors. Wearing a mask for a long time can actually affect your skin. But there is another side of it as well. If you are using a good quality mask and changing it within the time frame you are actually saving your skin from the rase of the sun and other such factors.

I have seen so many people using disposable masks again and again. These masks are meant to be disposed of after one usage. You can’t blame masks for your own mistakes. You need to use a fresh mask every time. You need to use a quality mask to keep yourself and others safe. If you are allergic to masks you have to set your routine, so that you can get a break to take off your mask.

And in case someone who is producing or selling masks is reading this article, I would request you to focus on quality. Please don’t compromise on quality. If you are using some locally made mask machines or some manual methods, you are playing with the health and lives of people. There are suppliers for face mask machines in China who are selling high-quality devices at affordable prices. You can buy a proper mask machine and produce quality masks.

So the pros and cons of the mask usage in this COVID-19 totally depend on its usage.

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