5 Ideas for Your New Basement

If you’ve just recently moved into a new home that happens to have a basement, you’ve got several options to consider. The space could be used for just about anything you might want. The important part is finding out which use of the space will prove most beneficial for you and your family. Here are five ideas for your new basement.

Create a Home Gym

Don’t you hate having to drive to the gym in the morning or after work when all you really want is to get home? With a home gym, now you don’t have to! With a treadmill, some yoga mats, and maybe a few weights, you’ll have everything you need to work up a sweat from the comfort of your home. Plus you’ll be able to listen to music or TV as loud as you want!

Recreation Room

Having a recreational area where you, your family, and your friends can relax and play games is a great addition to your house. This will give you a space to play games with friends and family or just hang out and talk when guests come over. Fill it with board games, a ping pong or pool table, and maybe even a small bar. These elements will make your basement feel like a relaxing escape after a long day.

Play Area

Have kids? Well now instead of laughing, screaming, and playing on the main floor while you’re trying to read a book or type up emails, they can do so in their very own play area! Fill the space with toy boxes and a television for them to watch kids’ movies and shows together. As they get older, they may even decide to put video game consoles down there or a drum set. Trust us, you’ll be grateful and they’ll get to hang out in a space that’s all their own.

A Home Theater

If you’re a movie buff, you’ll love turning your new basement into a home theater. By creating a space that can hold a large TV and surround sound speakers, filling it with a comfortable couch that can accommodate a group, and installing a high-quality projector, you’ll pretty much have everything you need! If you want to go above and beyond, you can add a popcorn machine and decorate the place to resemble a theater, with movie theater cups and popcorn buckets, and maybe even posters of classic films.


Who says that your basement has to be anything special? Just because you now have a basement doesn’t mean you have to spend time and money molding it into the perfect space. Simply using it as a storage area will give you plenty of use. It can be used to store holiday decorations, spare items, and totes full of old junk that you don’t really need but can’t quite seem to part with just yet.

Furnished and Comfy

Regardless of whether you moved into a new home for more space, to relocate for a new job like HSI, or simply want a change of scenery, having a basement will make for a welcome addition to your life. Use it for watching movies, storing supplies, or even pumping iron! The sky is the limit!

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