Best Weekend Getaway Ideas In The UK

With so many deals on offer, Britain has become the perfect weekend destination for those looking to relax and keep the heat at bay on a weekend getaway in the UK. And there are plenty of excellent large houses to rent for weekends in many of these destinations.

Below are some of our favourite weekend ideas to inspire you to discover more of Britain, whether by train or plane.


London is a city that doesn’t need an introduction, it has a wide variety of activities in and around London and there is no better place in the world for a weekend getaway than London itself.

There are many amazing and unique restaurants to visit, not to mention some of the best bars and insider tips to see. There are many sights – fun possibilities and even excursions.

Spend an evening watching a dazzling show in the West End, enjoying some of the city’s biggest attractions, including the London Eye and Madame Tussauds, or exploring the many pubs and bars.

London is the most interesting place in the UK and an amazing city in which to spend a nice and relaxing couple of days.

Lake District

If you like nature and hiking, then you have probably been to this place before. Leave the noise and crowded streets of the city behind and spend a quiet weekend in some of the UK’s favourite tourist places.

If you want to get away, spend a few days exploring the cobbled streets of the Cotswolds, where the beautiful mountains, blue skies and warm, sunny weather provide the backdrop. Whether it’s a weekend getaway with loved ones or a trip out into the countryside for a day or two, this is a region to consider.


Suffolk appeals to a lot of tourists, but to get away you have to stay in Woodbridge or Halesworth to take advantage of the antique shops and cosy pubs. A perfect weekend in Suffolk would consist of a handful of pubs, each owned by a popular microbrewery. It may be the Cotswolds that made the English famous, but Suffolk attracts tourists from the US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Australia.


Perhaps the most popular holiday destinations in the UK, and you should not miss it! If summer is too early to enjoy your holiday, consider a cheap weekend getaway in this quaint UK destination.

If you want a city experience, there are 5 great cities you can visit and reach for less than £30. You can visit London, Manchester, Cardiff, Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Sheffield, Bristol, or Newcastle.


It’s a great time to visit Bristol at any time, but summer is extra special. The festivals and events of the city come into their own at this time of year and Bristol is worth visiting if you are looking for a weekend getaway for yourself or your loved ones.

With all the events taking place in Bristol, something is going on every day to keep you entertained. For example, every year the city hosts the Great Britain Cycling Festival in Bristol.

You can cycle through the picturesque villages of the city, enjoying the landscape and nature. Choose from a range of cycling events, from cycling races to cycling festivals and lectures to challenges on wheels, and pick the best weekend trip ideas for your next trip to the UK.

All you have to worry about is where to enjoy a sundowner after a hard day’s cycling.

Spoiled for choice

There is something for everyone, whether you are looking for a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city centre or a quiet weekend away from the daily grind. When exploring such weekend destinations, it is easy to see why The Times call many of them the “best weekend getaway places in Britain.”

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