Corporate Travelers Find Value in New Housing Options

regetgtGone are the days when companies could just throw money out the window on travel expenses. During various boom times in the economy, certain companies have been willing to spend lavishly on their employees for travel purposes. It was the era of private jets, with executives flying in major style and run of the mill employees still getting first class. When those employees checked into their hotels, they were typically checking into five-star accommodations. Things have changed with the economy struggling more and more. Today, more companies are using short term furnished apartments to save money in lieu of throwing their employees into expensive hotels for weeks on end.

There is plenty of upside to using these apartment solutions rather than hotels. Many travelers have remarked that they feel at home when they are allowed to have an apartment. When most people use hotels, they live out of a bag. They know they will be in and out, so they don’t take the time to really get comfortable. Apartments, on the other hand, are conducive to more permanent living. People will begin to adopt some of their habits at home. This can be excellent for worker productivity. In apartments, people are more likely to behave as if they are at a work function, while those who stay in nice hotels might behave as if they are on vacation.

The cost savings are the true rub for companies making these kinds of deals. Good companies are able to save hundreds of dollars per month at minimum when they move their employees into short-term housing solutions rather than hotel rooms. Hotels are designed to charge by the night, and even when there is some weekly discount, it is hardly enough to make the room affordable. Apartments, on the other hand, will offer monthly deals in some cases, allowing companies to budget more effectively and get the most out of their travel costs.

The corporate world is changing, as consumers demand that companies get leaner and more responsible. While not every company is responding to this pressure, many of them have been looking for ways to shift costs and become more efficient. Travel costs are an easy place to start trimming the fat. Doing so on short-term apartments with all the furnishings is a good way to get more productivity out of workers at a competitive price.

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