Dealing with Canadian Customs Brokers


Canadian borderWhen you need the fastest turnaround time possible, and methods put in place to avoid any delays or other problems, you may need to consider dealing with customs brokers. The good news is that you can set yourself up with a dedicated online agent who will personally take care of your shipment and make sure that your business does not suffer due to slow processing or having your goods held back for any extended period of time. This type of service is available to just about anyone – not just businesses – as they deal with personal, commercial, and non-resident importers.

Have an Expert on Your Side

The main advantage of dealing with a broker is that they most likely have a whole lot more experience than you, or anyone in your company, in handling imports and customs. They have the tools and experience to make the whole process go a lot smoother and faster, and with a lot less stress and wasted time on your end of the deal.

When you decide to use Canadian customs brokers for your goods you will not only save time during the shipping process, but you will also be able to avoid making a bunch of phone calls that usually come along with following up on the process. The whole ordeal of having the right paperwork and worrying about what goes where will be made easier too, as your personal online agent will be able to assist you in that regard.

What to Expect

One of the most sought after aspects in business, as well as personal purchases, is predictability. When you deal with an online customs broker you will know what to expect and also stay up to date as your goods pass through each point of the process. For example, you will upload all shipping related documents including the bill of sale, and electronically sign anything that requires it, all from your computer or mobile device. Your agent will handle the customs clearance, upload the invoice and B3 to your account, and make a request for payment.

What Are the Costs Involved?

The price of an online broker will start at about $35 plus any duties and taxes that apply in your case. There may be other fees such as additional tariffs, OGD declaration, or courier fees, which range from about $4 to $15 and probably won’t be applicable to you. Your agent will advise you of all payments necessary.

You will most likely find that the costs involved are much less than the cost to you in wasted time and energy that you would spend studying the rules for importing in to Canada which, even if followed right down to the letter, will not actually guarantee any kind of predictability for your business or personal affairs.

If you’re serious about saving time and money on the day to day running of your business, or you just want to import a car or other personal purchase, then you should consider all of this information and decide whether an online customs broker is what you need.

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