Difference Between Looking Good or Bad Online is Always Lighting


baloonA woman recently uploaded a “before and after” picture of herself to show off how she had ‘lost’ ten pounds. The two pictures weren’t taken months, weeks or even days apart – they were only minutes apart. Her point was to show how one simple factor makes all the difference between a good and a bad picture – lighting.

All the best marketing advice out there stresses the power and importance of the right picture. Whether it’s for a matchmaking site, uploading the latest blog video on YouTube or posting a new recipe, the right picture or video gets more positive attention. With this in mind, I searched for a YouTube video light and found a product called Chatlight.

Albert Einstein once said, “Genius is nothing other than pointing out the obvious.”

When Skype came into the world, Henry Geddes, a professional photographer, realized something others didn’t – non-average, professional lighting at an affordable price is necessary to improve image quality. Not everyone can afford the expensive and impractical lighting that keeps people looking ageless on television. Over the course of the next couple of years, Geddes worked on making the light more powerful and compact.

Tech advances in LED lighting helped make this possible. It provides a strong light but isn’t blinding. Instead, it points a soft light on the person’s face so the camera recognizes and focuses on the main subject. The light is flexible and features a clip that allows it swivel so the light is focused where it’s needed the most.

When Geddes created the light, his top priority was to make it universal so it could be used with a wide range of tech devices – laptops, phones, tablets, e-readers and more. Since handheld devices are gaining popularity, it also needed to be small, portable and rechargeable on the go.

This light is perfect for taking an inspiring selfie to go along with a deeply meaningful quote. It can help an interviewee look his sharpest during a Skype interview with the human resources department. Family chats on Skype or other online platforms are more meaningful when the participants can clearly see each other. In addition to the social aspects, online classes, medical meetings and other personal or professional video conferences are more effective with Chatlight.

In an age where so much depends on the capabilities of high tech gear, Chatlight is one of those gadgets that will be still be around when others are replaced with newer technology.

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