How to Cut Down on the Expense of Keeping a Pet

Pets have become an incredibly important part of the 21st century family. Our dogs and cats can be such a joy to have around. And if they are properly cared for, they can live long and healthy lives of 15 years or longer in many cases. That’s a lot of time to share with the family pet.

But unfortunately, taking proper care of your pet isn’t as affordable as people often wish it were. Not only do pet owners have to cover the expense of care and upkeep – budgeting for high-quality pet food, providing the pet with toys and accessories and paying for pet-related services – they also have to cover veterinary bills when they occur.


The reality is that keeping a pet can be expensive. The good news is that there are several ways that you can work to ensure that you always have enough money to ensure that your pet is happy and healthy. With that in mind, we’re offering a few tips for cutting down on the expense of keeping a pet:

  • Practice the Art of Prevention
    Many expensive pet-related mishaps could’ve been avoided with a bit of preventative care. This is particularly true when it comes to dental care, which is often overlooked by pet owners. Your dog or cat may not live as long as you will, but they can still develop serious dental issues that could lead to the need for expensive cleanings or even extractions. Routine brushing – say, once every few days – will go a long way toward preventing the need for expensive dental operations down the road.
  • Buy More Food at a Time
    High-quality pet food is downright expensive, but the difference it makes to the health of your dog is worth the expense. One way that you can cut down on the cost of feeding your pet is by purchasing their food in larger quantities. In most cases, the more food you buy at a time, the less you are going to pay for it. And the savings can really add up over the life of your pet.
  • Take out a Pet Insurance Policy
    Did you know that it is now possible to take out a medical insurance policy for your dog or cat? There are many different types of coverage currently available – ranging from strict accidental injury cover to full medical and even routine veterinary care coverage. A basic catastrophic plan will ensure that you have the funds needed to care for your pet in the case that an emergency occurs. Meanwhile, comprehensive pet insurance ensures that you can more or less completely budget for your pet’s expenses.
  • Stay up to Date on Vaccinations
    Sure, taking your pet to get vaccinated is going to cost you some extra money, but on the whole this is much more affordable than having to pay to have your pet nursed back from the brink of death after suffering through a bout of parvovirus or distemper. Some of the more comprehensive insurance packages will even cover the cost of these injections, so it’s difficult to make an argument against getting them done.
  • Have Your Pet Sterilised
    the idea of having a few extra kittens or puppies around the house may seem like a charming idea. But once those newborns have arrived, you’ll quickly start paying for it. To begin with, the mother is going to eat much more than she usually does when nursing. And in order to be healthy, she’ll need to eat protein-rich food, which is decidedly more expensive than the usual variety. Then, as the babies are being weaned, they’re going to start going through the puppy food themselves. Then there’s the cost of routine vaccinations and the time associated with trying to find new homes for all of them. You’re much better off paying the one-time expense of spaying and neutering your pets.
  • Do Your Grooming at Home
    Grooming is an important part of daily care and upkeep when it comes to your pet. The problem is that sending your pet to the groomer’s is downright expensive. You’ll save a considerable amount on your pet expenses if you start doing your grooming at home. Just consider investing in some high-quality grooming supplies so that you can get the most out of the time you spend caring for your pet.

Owning a pet is an incredibly rewarding experience. And if you follow the tips listed above, it doesn’t have to be an unreasonably expensive one.

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