Why Dental Hygienists Are So Popular in the Healthcare Field

rgegtgtrgConsider what happens at your dentist appointments and you won’t have any trouble understanding how and why dental hygienists are in high demand. People are recommended to have their teeth checked out and cleaned every six months. That means that twice a year you should be cozying into the dentist’s chair and opening wide so that a dental hygienist can remove excess plaque and give you a fluoride treatment. With SalarySite.com, curious folk can even see approximately how much their favorite dental hygienists are making per year. More importantly, it is critical that you understand the type of work that dental professionals do to understand why they belong to a growing field.

Everyone Needs Dental Care

As soon as a baby starts teething it is recommended that they go in to the dentist. Even elderly patients with few if any teeth at all need to see dentists and dental hygienists regularly. Then there’s the vast majority of the population which consists of young adults to middle aged people. These are the ones who are going to take up the most time in dental practices as they need everything from braces to dental implants. Dental hygienists do more than just clean teeth. They also look at patients’ mouths to check for cavities, impacted teeth, and other dental issues so that dentists can be more productive.

Dental Procedures Can Be Expensive

If you think the cost of a set of dentures is expensive, just try to go to your dentist next time and see how much it would cost for you to pay for an oral cleaning if you didn’t have insurance. All in all, dental work is very expensive, and it really doesn’t have a lot to do with time. First and foremost, the supplies that dental professionals use are costly because they require cleaning and repair regularly. Even the chair you sit in during procedures can cost thousands. So patients pay for the expertise of dental hygienists as much as costs are related to facility upkeep and supplies.

All Teeth Aren’t Created Equal

If you started having your teeth cared for while you were still a baby and haven’t missed a six month checkup during the entire course of your life, the sad reality is that you may still need deep cleanings. Sometimes people are just prone to having teeth that attract plaque and it isn’t necessarily related to their cleaning habits. Then again, if you wake up each night and creep into the kitchen for a late night snack, your dental woes might actually be being caused by diet choices. In any event, it is your dental hygienist who has to go hard to work to keep your smile looking great.

A Hygienist Spends More Time with Patients

Upon going into a dentist’s office, the person you usually are greeted by is a dental hygienist. If your appointment goes as planned, you might spend as little as five minutes talking to and being examined by a dentist. This means that a good percentage of dental care services are actually carried out by professional dental hygienists. These professionals help dentists with their tasks and are also more people orientated, helping patients to feel relaxed. They may also speak to you about how to take care of your health and gums and provide a friendly environment where patients don’t feel judged and instead are educated in a positive manner. Many patients find they end up having a closer relationship with their hygienist than with their actual dentist!

Many Hygienists Progress to Become Full Dentists

Many people who start out working as dental hygienists progress do so as part of a stepping stone to improving their future. This means they have much of the same knowledge and drive as dentists, and are often working in the position while pursuing a bachelors or master’s degree. Don’t think they’re underqualified, though, as all hygienists require a minimum of an associate’s degree to work in the position.

Dental hygienists perform a very valuable role in the healthcare field, and it’s likely that you interact with them every time you go for a checkup. The above reasons are just some of the reasons why they are popular.

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