Simple Mistakes You Should Avoid While Driving To Reach Home Safely

Car-FinanceDriving is a skill that requires utmost concentration and the driver should pay attention to the directions for road safety issued by state and follow the best driving practices. Driving can be fun at times, but one should always ensure that safety first.

According to a study, approximately 40,000 people die in road accidents in a year. Majority of these accidents take place due to lack of concentration of the driver or negligence. Road accidents can be prevented if driver follows all the traffic rules, guidelines and avoid some simple mistakes that generally people make.

Below is simple lists of things that one should not do while driving.

  1. Do not drive if you are feeling sleepy

As per the study conducted by an insurance company, approximately 10% of the drivers admitted that they fall asleep while driving. If you are feeling sleepy or drowsy, then avoid driving. People try to keep themself awake by listening to music in loud noise or having caffeinated drink. However, this can be more dangerous as they give you a temporary impression that you are awake.

  1. Do not drink Alcohol

Although driving under influence is an offence, that is after you breach a permissible limit. However, drinking one or two shots can also impact the concentration level or the visual capabilities.

  1. Do not use your cell phone

Cell phones are now an integral part of our lives. However, texting or communicating on phone can prove dangerous while driving. Using your cell phone can distract you from your main task and make you feel that texting or answering a call is more important while your life is at stake.

  1. Do not be emotional

Everyone has emotions, but keeping them on road is dangerous. When emotions are high like in case of aggression, upset, happiness etc. one should avoid driving, because in these situations you can be more aggressive or careless while driving.

  1. Do not multitask while driving

People often multitask to save time and energy. When you are driving, avoid things like doing makeup for a party, reading, eating or dressing yourself. People make mistakes like reading a map or directions, which requires driver to pay close attention on reading while neglecting the road. Putting on or removing a jacket due to weather conditions can also prove fatal.

  1. Do not try to reach out to back seat

One who is driving should avoid reaching to the backseat to search for anything. It takes longer time than seconds, and need to move away your eyes from the road.

  1. Sneezing

If you have a habit of sneezing more than normal or having cold, then you should avoid driving.

  1. Rolling down the window

Cars now come with power window as well as crank windows. If you have a car which requires you to roll down the window manually, then never try to move other side to roll down the window manually, because it will move away your eyes from the road and will take longer time to come in a position to drive comfortably.

Above mentioned list is an exhaustive list, which a driver should avoid while on the wheels. If you are a resident in Brisbane and suffer from an accident, then check to find an experienced helping hand.

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