Types of Riders You Will Meet on Indian Roads

India is home to a large proportion of the world’s two-wheeler population. In crowded metros and mini metros, bikes are perfect for people for their daily commute, for work, college, dropping their kids to school, and the like. What is interesting is that not all people follow a simple A to B route and back while riding a bike. You come across all sorts of interesting characters who ride bikes on Indian roads. Some people mind their own business, some people like to draw attention to themselves, and yet others like to cause a menace to other people on the road while riding.

Following are a few such interesting riders you will find on our Indian roads.

  • The rash driver

This person seems to have dropped straight out of the popular video game, Road Rash. He rides as if he owns the whole road, pays no heed to rules, and is ready to fight at the smallest provocation. If you come across such riders during your daily bike commute, it is best to step back and let them go ahead, even if you have a good 2 wheeler insurance policy.

  • The stuntman

This person rides his bike not to actually get somewhere but to demonstrate stunts in the middle of the road. Steer clear of such riders while commuting, as you never know how adept or reckless they are. One slip during a stunt and they will end up endangering their own lives as well as yours. They also offer you enough reasons to have a valid insurance policy for your vehicle.

  • The scooty gang

These are normally college students, working women, or women on errands, who zip past on their colorful scooties with matching helmets. They are usually harmless on the roads, as they tend to follow road rules closely and stick to set routes.

  • The serious commuter

This is a rider who rides to work, the market, the bank, and basically for every errand. He follows rules obediently. He goes from point A to point B and back without deviation and minds his own business. This type of rider owns a valid 2 wheeler insurance policy at all times.

  • The decorator

One look at this person’s bike can leave you dazed. Such riders love decorating and accessorizing their bikes with the latest and most stylish accessories. They probably spend more on decking up their bikes than they do on themselves. While some are tastefully done, a few go overboard and make the bike look like a museum decorative piece.

Whether you are driving a bike or a car, it is important that you exercise caution while doing so. There are enough rash drivers around, so you need to stay vigilant while driving. Having a good two wheeler insurance policy can help cover your expenses in case of loss or damages to your bike. Similarly, you could also look at car insurance online, if you own a four-wheeler. It is better to be safe than sorry!

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