What To Expect in a Dubai Desert Safari Adventure

The Emirate of Dubai hosts among the world’s greatest and most dazzling man-made wonders – the Palm Islands, the Burj Khalifa, and the Burj Al Arab. With these magnificent sights, it’s no wonder that it’s among the most popular tourist destination.

However, several travelers and tourists flock also to this city to experience one of a kind: Dubai desert safari tour!


So what can you expect in this thrilling adventure?

You are going to enjoy a host of memorable desert activities, like a camel ride plus rush sand-boarding on Dubai’s desert dunes. You are also going to be capping your day with some tasty barbecue dish, even as you watch entertaining traditional dance performed by tanoura performers.

Desert Safari Dubai Experience

The desert tour begins with a pickup at your Dubai hotel through some cushy plus robust 4×4 jeep. You will then be heading straight to the sultry desert which encompasses Dubai City. As you pass through the desert, you are going to be getting lovely, magnificent views of UAE’s dazzling landscape, while at the same time listening to your guide’s tales about the area and its spellbinding geography.

Sand Dune Bashing

Upon your arrival at the desert area, you are going to be riding another 4×4 and you will be experiencing sand dune bashing. Note: Hold on tight since it may get crazy-depending on your driver, of course-when driving through the sand and sand bash dunes. And your driver is most likely going to be playing some loud Arabic music!

Camels Up Close

You are going to get some close encounter with herds of beautiful camels in some traditional animal farm. Apart from taking postcard pictures of these friendly creatures, a trip here provides you the chance to learn more about various kinds of camels which may be seen near Dubai city. Show your skills by balancing your friends and family by taking a leisurely camel ride.

Campsite & Sand Buggy

Your outdoor adventure is going to resume with some sojourn to a desert campsite. Here you can enjoy a blissful plus unforgettable experience. You get to learn plus practice sandboarding art. Furthermore, you may race with your friends and fellow adventurers down the region’s granular landscape. You can try also to rent sand dune buggies to experience driving through the desert.


Dinner, Tanoura Dance & Belly Dance

Some rich combination of an adventure during your desert safari Dubai experience. After your crazy outdoor full of fun and adventure, you may now treat yourself around the campfire with lip smacking dinner of grilled barbecues, while watching dazzling performance by tanoura performers with their traditional folk dance act. Then there’s a belly dance performance by lady performers. Furthermore, you can smoke on Arabic water pipe known as shisha, or you you may receive a henna tattoo on your hands or feet. However, if you just need to relax, just look for an ideal spot to settle down and watch clear twinkling sky above you.


The Dubai desert safari trip should be a must-try experience for anyone who needs to visit Dubai. After all, the desert is where Dubai emerged from its humble beginnings before becoming a world-class city it is today.

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