Are East Coast Drivers Smarter Than West Coast Drivers?

One pressing question has torn this country apart. It’s a greater divide than the civil war. The constant feud of east coast versus west coast has elevated to levels in which the world has yet to see. That question is: are east coast drivers smarter than west coast drivers?

Between the tormenting weather conditions, figuring out the NY temporary i.d. and driver’s license differences, bustling cities, and wild animal crossing in the countryside, east coast drivers have to be smart about driving. West coast drivers have to deal with heat, clogged traffic conditions, and extraneous haphazards. When driving in these circumstances both coasts can’t rely on the smarts of their cars, but the intuition of the driver.

Wrathful Winters

Winters on the west coast are feeble in comparison to winters on the east coast. You haven’t experienced a true blizzard until you’ve driven through northern New York during late January or early February. East coast drivers know how to navigate on hidden ice patches and compact snow, which is a skill lost on drivers on the west. Waking up to see your car buried in 2-feet of snow is called a Tuesday morning in New York.

Adventurous Animals

The great east coast is teeming with wildlife. Deer, coyotes, and other small creatures lurk through the night. However, occasionally one of these critters will sneak out of their forest abodes for a sense of adventure to the cross the closest highway. It’s common knowledge to drive defensively around trees – especially at night.

Pestering Pedestrians

The east coast is home to large metropolitan cities that pride themselves on public transportation or pedestrian friendly crosswalks. However, that doesn’t stop cyclist and ped-x-ers from making the lives of car drivers difficult. East coast drivers must bob and weave through the city to avoid pedestrians stepping into busy traffic or a cyclist who are running a red light. On the west coast, people don’t simply “walk” to places.

Monstrous Mudslides

One common west coast haphazard are the infamous mudslides. We’re not talking about the delicious beverage, however that’s common there too. The west coast is home to rolling mountain ranges that string along highways and roads. This leaves plenty of opportunity for the sudden mudslide that will consume an entire street and anything on it. Along with mudslides are the looming falling boulders that could crush your entire car without warning.

Deadly Deserts

A large part of the west coast exists in a desert environment. During the summers, the dry heat becomes a major issue with vehicle performance. Ensuring your car has oil, plenty of water, and spare gasoline is a common checklist to have. When driving across the desert, there’s little signs of civilization or driver intelligence.

Rampant Rain Storms

Aside from researching defensive driving online, one clear indication that the east coast driver is smarter is how they deal with rain. The east will experience countless rain storms through the year – even the rare hurricane. Therefore, they have plenty of experience dealing with a little bit of water. The west coast, however, turns into an apocalyptic catastrophe during a little drizzle.

Terrifying Traffic

Nowhere else in the world can compare to west coast traffic. Commuters must be defensive about their choices, cautious of reckless drivers, and leave at least one hour before being somewhere. The east has developed the best public transportation in the world, which means there’s less cars on the road. But, just because the west has more drivers, doesn’t necessarily mean there’s more intelligent drivers.

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