4 Useful Home Technologies which Help You Save Electricity and Your Dollars

grey_door_iphoneThe tech manufacturers are gradually making it simpler for the environment-friendly consumers to adopt a green lifestyle. While the banks have joined the ‘green’ revolution by incorporating the ‘save paper’ mode, it’s high time we transform our homes into energy-efficient ones so as to save our dollars on outrageous electricity and utility bills. Going green doesn’t actually mean compromising the lure of cutting-edge technology and gadgets. Starting from controlling your lights at home through a smartphone app to investing money in the smart home appliances which can cut down energy usage and costs, there are various high tech options to save electricity and energy. Let’s take a look at some such technical gadgets which when installed in your home, can help you save energy.

  1. High tech thermostats: Although there’s nothing new about smart thermostats but there are few that has been leading the pack with regards to saving consumption of home energy and cooling costs. The Nest Learning Thermostat comes from the iPod designers and it adjusts the temperature of your home in accordance with your own schedule and lifestyle. The thermostat is sleek and modern, like the iPod and its stainless steel look gives it an added glamour. With the help of the high tech sensors, cloud computing and algorithms, it learns your habits and stores data due to which it can adjust the temperature automatically.
  2. Environment friendly smart appliances: LG recently introduced a smart range of appliances from refrigerators which keep a good track on your diet to eco-friendly washing machines which fit more clothes in few loads. The Smart washing machine has smart Wi-fi diagnosis, which plays a crucial role in saving energy. As it is given with smart-grid, it can even operate in times of low usage of electricity. The washing machine also addresses issues through accessing the internet and this can often be too useful a feature.
  3. Automation lighting: It has been recommended by most experts about switching to LED lighting in order to cut back on costs and energy usage. Consumers are nowadays controlling their electricity usage by using energy-efficient lighting with hardware through which you can adjust switches from any place. More and more people are installing hardware which connects the lights to their smartphone controlled apps so that they can switch on and off from any place even when they’re not at home.
  4. Power adapters: Remember that cost-saving and energy saving devices don’t always need huge installations. In fact, there are different things which you can do in order to cut down on your bills. Companies like Green Plug; a major company in AC/DC power adapter offers solutions and gives devices the needed amount of power which it might need. The company names this as “digital handshake” between the power supply and the device.

Therefore, as you can see there’s a new kind of technology for every little thing, starting from the process of grading of fruits to curbing your electricity bills. Just be aware of them so as to help you save money.

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