The Best Mobile Apps For Commination Available Today

ewfwefIn a world where smartphones are absolutely everywhere, and with their various app stores simply bursting with content, it can be pretty easy to become “snow blind” to some of the better apps out there. This is very true when it comes to communication apps also, as there are just so many. Here, we examine some of the better ones, and hopefully make it easier for you to choose the one best suited to you:


It is perhaps fitting to kick off this list with the one that many consider the “Granddaddy” of communication apps, Skype. Seeming like it has been around forever, this app has been upgraded many times down through the years. Perfect both as a personal face to face video calling app, and for business / conference calling purposes, Skype has also added messaging to their mobile app. You can now “DM” your friends via Skype. This comes highly recommended.


Viber has been around a little while, and promises crystal clear, HD calls as well as the ability to sent text messages or multimedia messages for free, to other Viber users. You can also call other people’s mobiles that may not have the viber app installed, but for a fee. There is also a desktop app for Viber, meaning you will never miss a message. Perhaps a better alternative to Viber for international calls is NobelApp, available for free in the Playstore / App Store. This app enables you to make very inexpensive international calls from your mobile device over Wi-Fi, your cellular data plan, or through access numbers.


Making headlines for being bought by Facebook for over $19 million, WhatsApp may be the best known messaging app out there. Very similar to Viber in all but layout, WhatsApp are constantly upgrading their app to move with the times. For instance, they have recently launched a SnapChat like feature to the app, with the difference being that messages will last 24 hours instead of a few seconds. Which brings us to…


Perhaps more of a fun app, SnapChat enables you to send pictures to your friends. You select the time limit, and your photo self destructs after that time has elapsed. You can also use this app for text message purposes, but your messages will also auto delete after a while. Where SnapChat is most fun is the use of filters that can be placed over photos or live video captures.

Facebook Messenger:

Once integrated as part of Facebook, Messenger is now a standalone app. There is nothing in the preceding apps that can’t be done with Facebook Messenger. Even the ability to add filters to photos has been added, as Facebook try to establish Messenger as the best “all in one” app, the only one you will ever need. So calls, messages, voice recordings, photos and much more are all available through this app. And best of all, it is constantly updated with new features.

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