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Untitled-3Since your customers are the most important element for your business, shouldn’t your business web site be designed to accommodate your customers? Utilizing Customer oriented design for your site is exceptionally significant to getting and keeping your customers. They landed on your site because they know what is important to them – whatever product, service, or information that they are trying to find. If your site does not offer it to them in a pleasing way, they will find it on another website.

What is Customer Oriented Design?

Customer oriented design is website design and functionality that is purposely planned to provide what the patron wants and needs, in a way that appeals to the consumer, instead of focusing on what the business wants. To accomplish this, you just have to keep in mind that the customer was looking for your offered products or services in the first place, and make it as easy and as pleasant as possible for them to achieve their goals.

What about My Goals?

Like most business owners and website designers, your goals are almost certainly focused upon increasing your profits, providing top quality customer service, and keeping your patrons satisfied. Thus, customer oriented design will actually make it easier for you to achieve your objectives. Customers, who can find what they are looking for with ease, and without having to navigate a tricky website, are much more likely to complete the purchase, and to return later for additional products, or services. Most notably though, is that they are more likely to endorse you to their friends and acquaintances, which is one of the most effective ways to improve sales and brand recognition.

Why Should I do this?

Consider your site from your patron’s perspective. What are the most essential utilities and elements to their browsing and buying needs? Are the pages easy and enjoyable to look at and read and to navigate? Are the links easy to find and do they take the customer to the appropriate destination? Is the purchasing process straightforward and uncomplicated? Look at your site from the shoppers’ point of view. Would you want to visit a website that was unappealing and difficult to traverse?

How Do I Do This?

More often than not, your customers really do know exactly what they want from their experience when visiting a website, so ask them. Include a feedback tool on your website; it is a simple and welcoming way to get good ideas for improving your website functionality and design, and customer relations as well. By inviting feedback, and then listening to your customers and incorporating their best suggestions, you can also increase customer satisfaction and brand awareness.

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