Mobile Security for Android Smartphones and Tablets

ryrtThe unmatched convenience of using mobile devices to browse the Internet has turned many people away from desktop computers. It’s fun to be constantly on the move and still have unrestricted and fast access to all the resources of the World Wide Web. Smartphones and tablets now act as gateways to this fascinating realm and have become indispensable ones. Even kids have mastered the technology and use mobile devices to go online.

Unfortunately, all this enthusiasm surrounding smartphones and tablets has attracted some unwanted attention. The bad guys never take breaks and cyber criminals would go to great lengths to steal funds and sensitive information. It’s vital to know what needs to be done to stay safe when going online regardless of your device of choice. Children are particularly vulnerable to these threats and it’s the duty of responsible adults to watch over them. Luckily, there are a couple of effective ways to mitigate the risks.

Free and paid security apps for mobile

While the cyber criminals are probing the security of our devices, the good guys are tirelessly working to keep us safe. The result is a collection of mobile privacy and security apps that can minimize the risks and make Internet safer for browsing. Created specifically for mobile devices, some are compatible with several operating systems, while others have distinct versions for iOS, Android and Windows. To be truly effective, security apps need to be updated frequently and luckily many have an automatic update feature.

The best things in life are free, but unfortunately the same can’t be said about mobile security apps. Smart people are diligently working towards improving these applications and closing all the loopholes. It’s only fair for them to be paid for the hours they put into the creation of these security apps. On the bright side, many of these applications have a free version so players can test them before purchasing. True Key, SpiderOak, Telegram, Last Pass, Wickr and Silent Phone are a couple of security apps worth considering.

A growing concern on a global scale

The vulnerabilities of the Internet are growing almost at the same rate as the smartphones and tablets industry expands. High end-users are fully aware of these threats and increasingly likely to embrace the security solutions. Developers have a hard time keeping up with the viruses and malicious software mass produced by hackers. As the audience becomes more educated and willing to spend on professional apps for protection, the mobile security market thrives.

The numbers are optimistic and highlight the fact that the market has a high potential for growth. Security apps have the merit of being user-friendly and work even on less powerful devices. The technological breakthroughs make it easier for regular people to use integrated security solutions previously available only to companies and government agencies.

Online casinos ramp-up security

Perhaps the most vulnerable online ventures are the ones dealing directly with money and personal information. By their nature, casinos encourage players to make real money deposits and require them to share personal data. Players are first and foremost concerned about the house edge and their real chances to emerge victorious. The fairness of the random number generator is obviously very important, but represents just one piece of the very important security puzzle.

The best online gambling sites are using the latest technologies to ramp-up security and keep wrongdoers at bay. The first line of defense is the SSL encryption technology which obscures the information exchanged between the casino and players. Cyber criminals are not going to be deterred and keep probing the securities until they find a breach or a weak spot. Firewalls are also in place to deny the access of unauthorized parties and keep players secure.

As mobile devices are being routinely used by gamblers to play their favorite games, new vulnerabilities have emerged. Online gambling sites are fighting wars on several fronts and rely on security apps every bit as much as regular people. This is an ongoing war that is unlikely to end soon, with both parties having vested interests and significant resources. Regular users are the smallest cogs in this huge contraption, but are empowered by the mobile security apps for smartphones and tablets.

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