Types of CCTV Cameras


CCTV_CamerasGone are the days when the Chinese CCTV cameras of 2000 are used to flood the market. Not only are these cameras incapable of providing complete surveillance, but many of them are also made of cheap quality and hence offer very less life. CCTV consists of a video recorder that records the video onto a secure memory disk that can be watched in real time on a television screen.

The digital video recorder is also known as personal cam recorder, determines the quality of the video being recorded. With thefts and burglaries increasing by the day, more and more home and business owners are growing sensitive about their security. One of the best way to ensure that you have an eye on every area is to install CCTV cameras at suitable locations.

Types of CCTV cameras

1.     Indoor CCTV cameras: Indoor CCTV cameras are specially designed to monitor indoor areas. They should capture high-resolution images even in insufficient lightening. The various factors to look out when shopping for indoor CCTV cameras are:

  • Resolution: Indoor cameras should have a resolution greater than 520p. This enables a clearly visible picture quality sufficient enough to track down any corner of your floor
  • Lens: Being indoor you might want to focus in or zoom into a particular area to check out the details of the same. The CCTV camera should have appropriate lens and optics such that it can be zoomed into a considerable factor.
  • Camouflage: The security camera should not be visible to a normal observer. It should blend in with the environment of the room, so that it can keep recording even during any emergency condition.
  • Angle: The CCTV should be able to cover a wide angle of the indoor area. Place it at a location that will give it the maximum view of the area.

2.     Spy CCTV cameras: Spy cameras can come in various shapes and sizes. Some come in miniature shapes such that they can be fitted into your shirt’s button. Other CCTV spy cameras are bigger and can be fitted into things like your sofa, clock, fan or even tube lights. With the advancement in technology, the spy cams have become smaller and harder to trace. With improved visual quality, they have also gone cheap and affordable such that many reporters use it to unearth scams.

3.     PTZ cameras: The Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera offers a remote control of your CCTV unit. Consider a situation where a man has entered a store and is trying to steal stuff. In such situations, you might want to track down that man to every corner of the store. In such situations, a PTZ camera comes in very handy. You can remotely control it to zoom in or out. You can even pan and tilt the camera to the desired direction to capture the trail of any person you want.

There are other things related to CCTV, which should always be taken care of. Wiring and system installation might not seem much of a deal, but when you actually install it make sure that it is hidden as far as possible. The purpose of installing CCTV Camera is to record each and every situation to be analyzed later.

If a thief gets a clue about the CCTV cameras, the intention of installing it in the first place might get defeated. He may cover up the screen of the camera or just break it. Therefore, make sure that when you purchase a CCTV, you also hire an electrician who can hide the wirings effectively.

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