Text Message Service Which Businesses Can Use to Receive Donations

57GnosisArts offers an affordable text message service which businesses can use to receive donations from other individuals and companies. The text to donate platform is suitable for fundraising associations, schools, churches and more. It has been proven that people are more likely to donate when businesses offer a text message alternative to the classic bank account donations, and this is exactly the principle exploited by GnosisArts. Companies and associations can resort to this service in exchange of a small monthly fee and start receiving text-based donations right away.

The advantage of using GnosisArts for your needs relies in the fact that there is no minimum revenue requirement, thus all business being able to subscribe in the program. There are no lengthy, time-consuming applications either and IRS documentation is not required. The service can be set-up extremely fast, in under 20 minutes, and there are also no commissions for your earnings. The price you have to pay each month is made clear right from start which is a big advantage for small, medium and large associations alike.

GnosisArts offers 3 dedicated subscription plans, namely Basic, Smart, and Pro, all bringing different benefits to applying companies. The plans range between $32 and $44 per month, offering extra amenities which are described on the provider’s page. Each subscription plan can be cancelled at any given time, with users being able to add optional features such as advertising keywords or bulk SMS advertising for an extra fee.

It’s also to be noted that the service offered by GnosisArts comes with highly useful amenities such as public relations assistance and donation collection assistance, all being limited to a number of hours per month. However, the most impressive feature of this service is it’s setup ease, users being required to apply with only few data about their company and a billing method (mobile carrier billing not supported; credit card is preferred). Thus, you can have your own donation service with a possible extra advertising campaign for under $100 per month. Any association can apply for this service regardless of its size or the date when it was created. Additionally, the service subscription can be canceled at any time.

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