The Many Uses of Ceramic Fiber Products

Ceramic-Fiber-BlanketCeramic Fiber products are in great demand by many businesses as a means of controlling heat. It is most widely used by companies with manufacturing processes that generate or require high temperatures, although limited consumer products for home builders are available as well.

What is Ceramic Fiber?

Ceramic Fiber is what is called a “refractory material,” meaning that it is a substance that is resistant to heat. The primary ingredient in ceramic fiber is aluminum silicate, which includes fiber created primarily from molten glass and various polycrystalline fibers. It comes in a number of types and can be put to many uses.

Uses and Types

There are numerous varieties of ceramic fiber which enables it to be put to many uses. It can also take many forms, such as rope, tape, cloth, blankets, modules, felt and even paper. Here are the major forms and the tasks for which they are most often employed:

Ceramic Fiber Blanket – This form works very well in circumstances where it is exposed to direct flame. In manufacturing, it is especially effective in generating electric power, metallurgy and in the petrochemical industry.

Ceramic Fiber as an additive – Through pulping, forming, curing and drying, ceramic fiber can be used in the manufacturer of many architectural structures such as walls surrounding heating equipment, roofs and other structures that need to be heat resistant.

Ceramic Fiber cloth – This is also used primarily in architecture, with common uses being for fire doors, furnace insulation or insulation for heating pipes or special heat resistant containers.

Ceramic Fiber rope – Often used to support or attach other heat resistant structures, as a rope Ceramic Fiber can be used for expansion joints, winding for high temperature pipes and as junctions for heated steel.

Ceramic Fiber paper – Created by pulping, molding and the use of additives, this is considered an ideal substance for insulation purposes. It is widely used for gaskets to hold in or keep out high temperatures and for insulation around high thermal furnaces. It can also be employed as packing material and to reduce friction.

A Very Useful Substance

Wherever there are issues of high temperatures and the necessity of containing and controlling it, Ceramic Fiber has proven to be a versatile and highly effective substance. Indeed, modern manufacturing would be virtually impossible in many fields of business without it.

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