5 Reasons Why Your New Business Should Rent a Van

If you’re starting a new business or you’re going self-employed and need a van to undertake jobs, it could be a better option to rent or lease a van from a business rather than spending thousands on owning one. The main problem with purchasing a new vehicle is obviously the cost involved, so not only is renting a van cost-effective but you’ll also receive other benefits from doing so.


1. You’ll have a Presentable Vehicle

When you look at some of the new vans for sale on the market you’ll see they’re often expensive, but it’s the only option if you take the presentation of your business seriously. You could easily buy an old van for a few hundred pounds, but it’s not going to do your business any favours from a viewer’s perspective. Consider the fact that you can lease a brand new van and, in some cases, even add decals to the sides to advertise your business. Surely this is a better option than buying a second hand van that looks bad and runs poorly.

2. No Costly Repairs

You’ll find that you’re not presented with huge repair fees when you rent a vehicle. If something goes wrong with your engine you’ll have to pay hundreds to get it fixed if you own the vehicle, but hiring a van from a business means they will have to bear the costs and you’ll just get to use another van until that one is repaired. If you are currently unsure about whether you should lease or rent, it is worth considering whether you can buy a new vehicle. If you can only buy an old model, and you’re not completely convinced that it will be reliable and need little maintenance, hiring is by far the better choice… at least in the short term.

3. You’re Always Covered

Repairs are not the only item covered when you hire a van. You’ll also find that MOTs, services, and even breakdowns won’t cost you a penny should anything go wrong. This means you have no other expenses other than the monthly cost of hiring the vehicle, which could save you thousands every year. This is a great option if your business is new and it can’t afford the monthly costs of finance along with everything else.

4. A Replacement Van if Yours Breaks

One of the best benefits of hiring a van rather than buying one is that you’ll get access to another van the minute yours breaks. Empire offers this benefit as standard so you know you’re always going to be covered and you can still undertake jobs regardless, even if the van you’re using breaks down and you can’t use it. This is something that is a huge benefit to small startup businesses who may find their business crippled should their vehicles break down.

5. Different Vans for Different Work

If you’re only offering one service to your clients, a standard-sized van will usually suffice, but if you end up taking your business to another level you may need a bigger van to hold bigger tools and items, and that will mean buying a new one. By hiring a van you’ll be able to swap vehicles for new ones should it be required. Depending on the van hire business will depend on the options available to you, but most companies have hundreds of vehicles for you to choose from so you’ll always have access to different ones should you need it.

For some businesses, the van hire route isn’t a viable option, but for new businesses and ones that don’t want to bear the cost of many other expenses, it should be considered. When looking for a van hire company, always look to see what vehicles they have on offer and always make sure you agree on terms that suit both parties.

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