How to Choose the Right Service When Comparing Translation Companies

edwedChoosing the right professional translation service can make or break your future global, cross-culture business aims and objectives. Reliable translation services take a load off the back of your business, while simultaneously pushing you onto the global stage and increasing visibility dramatically. It presents the company as being culturally-sensitive, inclusive and progressive, while widening business opportunities and scale.

Can you really afford to neglect that?

We talked toBrightlines Translation Services, a respected UK translation company, about exactly what you need to be looking for if you need the services of a translation agency for your business.

The value of agood translation servicecannot be understated, but because of the nature of translation, there are a multitude of varied services floating around on the web. Choosing the ideal service can have a dramatic impact on the scale of opportunity and development offered by emerging onto the worldwide marketplace, so as such we’ve compiled some of the top tips, ideas and guidelines in order to compare and guarantee you and your company or service the best translation deal possible.

Who are you? What scale of service do you need? How much material and media is going to need translating, and are the documents and texts being translated highly technical and obtuse or will a standard translation company be able to handle them? Successfully analysing and finding out your exact needs is a must when it comes to comparing different translation services and companies, and neglecting to do this accurately will skew any guarantees on timeframes and precision that the translation services might offer.

What’s most important to you? Do you have masses of straightforward, non-technical text that just needs quick and consistent translation, or do you need specialised services to tackle technical language? It’s almost a case of quantity or quality, really, and different translation services offer different options, it’s all about finding the one that suits the business the best.

Another key front you need to compare various professional translation companies on is their confidentiality guarantee. Regardless of what kind of business you’re running, confidentiality will always be of importance to you, however it could be more important to a more cutting-edge technology business, than say, a local craftsman business. As such, you need to be aware of the translation service you’re using and their confidentiality guarantee, as different services offer different kinds of guarantees. As well as this, you need to look into the security of the company, and where the documents are stored, and the level of online and web security employed to protect them and back them up.

Who handles translation into a new language? You should demand a definitive answer, and that answer should always be a native speaker where possible. Only a native speaker can guarantee the kind of accuracy and sensitivity to the nuances and quirks of a language that you need. With so many different dialects and regional differences in language, depending on where you’re based and what languages you’re translating into, finding out the company’s policy on who handles translations should make or break the deal.

When directly comparing different services, there are four key areas you need to focus on:

  • Quotes and Value
  • Communication and flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Specialisations and Resources

You can find out most of this information in reviews and by talking to said companies. You’ll also get a good feeling for their online reputation from researching these, which can be crucial when making a solid decision. If you review and compare every professional translation service with those key points in mind, and get a solid stance on each of them, then you’ll be able to compare accurately, and find the most suitable, best value and appropriate service for your business.

With such a variety of varied translation services available online, there should be no trouble finding a service that suits you to a tee. Making sure you understand every angle of the way the translation service operates and have the guarantees and communication locked down is essential if you don’t want to find yourself up the creek later on. Once you’re completely confident in a services compatibility, suitability and value, sort out a contract that guarantees you the best deal possible, and you’re away.

Now you’ve the potential to become a player on the global marketplace.

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