How to Solve 6 of the Biggest Problems in Business Today Using the Latest Technology

solvingCreating and establishing a business is hard work, making sure that it’s a successful and profitable one is an even more challenging task. Thankfully technological advancements enable businesses to manage their problems and concerns every day and help them find sustainable, long-term solutions.

What are some of the biggest problems face by businesses today? And how does technology help to solve them?

1.      Marketing:

You could have the most amazing product but it will mean nothing if nobody knows about it. Strategic and effective marketing will have a huge impact on the success and future of your company.

Social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are great tools to use if you want visibility for your brand and product. It’s the best way of ensuring that your message reaches a wide audience, since we are plugged into our phones and tablets 24/7.

2.      Productivity:

Productivity in businesses is gauged by an organization’s ability to properly and successfully execute their strategies and reach their goals. Technology can help businesses get there quicker by automating processes and enabling faster and more efficient communication.

An example of increased productivity is the ability to have promotional products or products for your customers such as posters, business cards and booklet printing by printed overnight. Programs like Photoshop and Adobe allow you to create things instantly while digital printing services ensure that you get your products by your deadline.

3.      Creating Unity:

Sometimes when businesses had offices or branches scattered around in different countries or cities, it was hard to make everyone feel as though they were a part of the same team and company. Business could be delayed, opportunities lost as people waited for letters or telegrams to get through.

With numerous options such as video conferencing, email, instant messages and SMS, information can be shared and received within seconds. With programs like Skype or WebEx it’s possible to hold in person ‘virtual’ meetings. Time differences have become less of an issue and the drastic reduction in travel costs is an added bonus.

4.      Expansion:

Fifty, sixty years ago expanding a company globally was a huge financial risk and required a solid plan in place. While both those things are still true, technology has nonetheless made it much easier for companies to expand and test the waters away from home.

Social networks and tools have made it easy to find exciting opportunities and woo clients and suppliers without having to leave your home. The same way that businesses can go after opportunities, they can create it as well, for example, importing and exporting has never been easier.

5.      Full-Time Availability:

This issue has its pros and cons. Some of you may remember the days of 9-5 work hours, after which it was nearly impossible to get a hold of an employee. Even in dire emergencies short of showing up to their home you had to wait for the next business day, or worse, for them to return from holidays.

Wireless technology and devices have almost entirely eliminated this problem. People are constantly plugged in and they are generally available at all times of the day. Need a document to be signed urgently and it’s after 5PM? Send your boss a text or an email; leave him a message on Skype or Twitter. And when you get truly desperate you have the final option of tracking him down via his latest check-in on Facebook and show up on his romantic date with his wife.

The Pro is that you are always reachable to clients, employees and suppliers.

The Con is that you are always available, constantly checking emails and thus working 7 days a week.

6.      Everything Made Easier

Finally, last but not least if you will, this list is by no means a comprehensive and detailed one, so the best advice with any challenge is to use the most amazing innovation; the best facilitator; the best resource; the Internet – we guarantee that virtually any knowledge you lack, any problem you have, small or big, you will find the answer online.

So if everything that you just read sounds like gibberish, open up your browser and type away in the search engine.

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