Kiosks Are Available For Many Products

Untitled1A merchandise kiosk can be built for your specific requirements or that of your franchisor, what the use will be, and for what location. Whether it is inside or outside a shopping mall, in a food court, at a festival or event, or wherever else it is needed, there is a wide variety to choose from. Shoppers or browsers are anxious to find the many options that are presented to them for food, beverages, snacks, tickets, information, brochures, and merchandise of all kinds. Buffet and bakery set-ups are also available and are ideal for restaurants, hotels, and motels.

An Ice Cream Kiosk has an overhead canopy structure, a soda fountain, dipping cabinets, a three compartment sink system, a welded steel frame, and a stainless steel finish.

A Haagen Daaz Kiosk is available in your choice of colors for the roof and the walls, has four fold-up awning service areas, a display area, formica counters all around, and more.

A Pretzel Kiosk has a canopy with a welded steel frame, aluminum finished interior cabinets, Corian counter tops, stainless steel cabinet doors, a self-contained sink system, a single door refrigerator, and two cup dispensers.

Among other indoor and outdoor kiosks are ones for Frozen Custard, Gelato, Ice Cream, Italian Ice, Nuts, Cookies, and more choices.

You can select from custom models with unique finishes of plastic laminates, glass, stone, or designer metals and with umbrellas and canopies, digital signage and menus, custom graphics, any type of hot and cold serving and cooking equipment with welded tubular steel frames, stainless steel cabinet doors, stone counter tops, Corian solid surface material, aluminum diamond plate floors, and many other superb and necessary features.

All Star Carts is an example of a source for these money-making kiosks and would be happy to answer any of your questions and give you more detailed information. Their kiosks meet or exceed all applicable classes of fire-spread ratings and requirements for malls, stadiums, hospitals, convention centers, and airports. They are Underwriters Laboratories Listed under custom food service equipment for safety and sanitation.

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