Pet Gates for Dogs

Cute-Dog-HD-WallpaperThe dog door is very basic: a rectangular plate made of metal, plastic or rubber that is screwed to a metal box, just make a hole in one of the doors or walls that give out and assemble the box opening. When the dog wants to go out simply pushing the door and step out.

The most common in a best pet gates for dogs is the dog door installed in a common wooden door, but they can be mounted in glass, metal, aluminum doors or walls. Most of the experts agree that work best if is installed on the wall, but of course that you will get a little more expensive.

Ferplast or Staywell provides you the best pet gates for dogs with fantastic doors, maximum quality and guarantee, enabling the input and output of your dog to the garden or terrace, without the need to have the door always open.

You can choose between different types of doors, of various sizes and suitable for all types of dogs. Made in plastic or aluminum, are adapted to all kinds of walls and doors. You’ll find exclusive models of doors with infrared, to allow its opening only with a key that fits into the collar of your dog and, in this way, prevent it from being opened to other animals.

Safety barriers, offering you greater control over your dog to be able to have it controlled in a given area and restrict access to areas of the house where do not want the dog to pass.

You can buy some kind of extension that has already built a gate of pet, which you can add to your glass door. This type of adjustment allows your dog to leave or enter without having to cut or alter your glass, it will work like the difference is that you will not be able to open it completely. This is a good option if you are renting the house.

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