4 Different Places to Use Roller Banners

roller bannersWhen you think of a roller banner or pop up banner the first place you probably picture it is at a trade show or exhibition. Pop up display banners are ideal for attracting attention to a stand, and give passers-by more information and detail about the product or service on offer. But while a roller banner may be an essential accompaniment to a trade show booth, there are many other places a banner can also work for your company. Roller banners are portable, versatile, and, above all, effective for your advertising success. Take a look at these ideas:

1. Events, Exhibitions and Trade Shows

Because the pop up banner is uniquely portable, it is the ideal display to carry with you when you exhibit around the country. Plus, a roll-up banner can effectively capture attention in even an overcrowded exhibition hall. When using a roller banner or two at an event, think carefully about exactly what you want to advertise, and what you want to tell people about. A good roller banner is simply and effectively designed, with a key message and relevant graphics and images that attract attention. Remember that attendees at an exhibition are overloaded with things to see – your banner needs to instantly jump out and catch their attention, and be memorable enough to stay in their mind.

2. Shops and Salesrooms

Roller banners can be used for many purposes in retail outlets and showrooms. A display banner can alert customers to a special offer, sale, or new product line; giving details about the product and inviting people to come and take a look. A banner can also help orientate people by showing them the way to certain sections in the store. You can also use a roller banner to give more information about a product line – this is especially useful when you are dealing with products that may need quite a bit of explanation, for example cars or health products. A banner can answer some of the questions customers have, before they talk to a sales rep.

3. Receptions

When you place a well-designed roller banner in your reception or foyer area you welcome people into your company, give them more information, or promote the latest initiative or marketing strategy. If you have a large building open to the public then roller banners can direct people to the key areas inside the building, such as the main meeting room, or the reception desk.

4. Conferences and Ceremonies

If your company is hosting a conference, a roller banner with details of the structure of the day will be helpful to let delegates know where they need to be, and when. You can also use a roller banner to give details of the award winners in a ceremony, or to highlight the sponsors of the awards night. Or you could use a roller banner or two to help celebrate a company milestone such as 30 years in business, or the completion of a large project.

There are many places to use roller banners, not all of which are listed here. You are only really limited by your imagination, so think about all the places you could use a banner for effective marketing.

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