Instagram Marketing Tool Checklist

rfrrtWith over 300 million users to date, there is no denying that Instagram is one of the best platforms for launching a brand. The platform’s potential for connecting brands to their many users paved the way for third-party developers to develop Instagram-suited marketing tools.

Using Instagram by itself will not get the best results possible, however. One must take advantage of the extra helpful features included in third-party marketing tools, like Vibbi. Though with the continuous rise of marketing tools and programs, it can be difficult to know which ones to choose.

The following is a checklist of marketing tools that will greatly improve any online business.

Building A Solid Following

There’s a reason why many consider this step to be the most challenging part in starting up a business. After the content is prepared, social media accounts are registered, and products and services are ready to be sold and rendered, one may ask: How can someone launch a business no one knows about?

One thing to consider when doing business on Instagram is that the platform has certain rules that should be followed. This means saying “no” to automated tools like bots. Bots are the number one reason brands, and even some individuals, get banned.

Instead, find marketing tools that generate leads to a target demographic. Crowdfireapp, for example, offers a feature that allows a user to copy someone’s follower list, which could also be the desired target demographic.

Another suggestion is to find marketing tools that allow followings and follower lists to be easily tracked. Be sure to clean the Instagram feed by unfollowing users that don’t follow back.

Producing Content

Instagram is all about visual content. Keeping followers tuned in at all times is vital. To achieve this, one must produce content that is fun, visually-pleasing, and informative. Making use of photo editors will help get promotions and announcements across. The best photo editors typically allow overlays and text on photos. Also, look for filters and settings that enhance photo quality. Grid layouts are another feature that make things easier.

Publishing Content and Analytics:

Unlike Facebook, which allows one to post multiple photos, text, and other media in a span of an hour, Instagram proves that one good, meaningful picture is enough to generate hearts and comments. These engagement numbers determine marketing performance.

Start by looking for a post-scheduling tool. This prepares content to be published later within the day. Scheduled posts ensure followers receive a regular dose of content, regardless of the poster’s availability.

A comprehensive analytics feature that monitors all engagement and statistics is also useful. As in any business model, coming up with marketing strategies is essential to growth. Collecting measurable data to determine whether these strategies are effective requires a good analytics system.


Instagram proudly hosts tons of successful online brands and businesses among more than 700 million users. That fact alone is enough motivation for anyone to start running an account of their own. These tips will help give any business online success.

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