Facebook is Launching Instagram Threads, a New Messaging App Dedicated to Close Friends

Facebook has launched a new Instagram app called Threads. It is dedicated to communicating exclusively with close friends on Instagram and integrates certain features that could be successful among younger users, such as automatically setting the profile status based on various factors. Most important is that messages from strangers do not reach Threads, unsolicited messages increasingly becoming a problem for the messaging system in the Instagram application. This application is very useful for influencers with thousands of followers who can now choose whom they want to talk to. For example, in case one decides to promote a product from a famous brand or wants to buy views from a service such asbuzzvoice.com, all they have to do is to add those users to the close friends list and talk to them on the platform.

Threads seems to be a new attempt by Facebook to make an alternative to the messaging software provided by Snapchat. On Threads, users have only the “Close Friends” list on Instagram, which are generally the ones with which you communicate the most. For this reason, Threads allows the automatic profile status to be set, as the application can set messages such as “home”, “on the road”, “on the move”, “at the beach”, “at the airport” and other such messages next to your name.

Auto Status feature information is collected using phone sensors such as accelerometer, GPS coordinates or even battery charge level. However, the application does not disclose GPS coordinates to friends, rather providing a general description of where you are than the exact location, thus revealing an idea about availability for chat at any given time.

Of course, being an application closely linked to Instagram, the camera functions are in the foreground, however. The application starts directly in the camera interface, and after taking the photo there are quick buttons to send it directly to the friends’ inboxes in the list, being able to select who receives and who does not. However, the camera interface does not include augmented reality filters and masks. However, the messaging interface is similar to the one from Instagram Direct, where photos, text messages, gifs, links, and other types of content can be sent.

Interestingly, Facebook is not currently trying to make money with this application. There are no plans to monetize Threads, but like Stories or Facebook Messenger, it would not be uncommon to see advertisements in one form or another if the new application proves to be very popular.

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