Benefits Of Lab Created Diamonds

fgrerfewwSo many things we use today are created in labs. From interesting cereal mixes to the products we use, we benefit from research and technology being implemented.

Diamonds are gorgeous no matter the size of the stone and the setting. We know this. What we need to also learn is that diamonds are available not only in the wild, nature-made but in a lab and man-made as well. The lab-created diamond is a diamond fair and square! And this isn’t a new idea either. Lab-created diamonds have been in existence for at least fifty years. They are used for a variety of tasks that require precision tools. Hard and thin enough for the most delicate of work, the lab created diamond has been an asset to many an industry.

It’s taken a while for this diamond to become part of precious jewelry because the initial quality of the stone was not considered good enough. That’s no longer the case. Thanks to better technology and equipment lab-created diamonds have come into their own and are now certified as real by no less an authority than the Gemological Institute of America.


Lab created diamonds are so popular right now that the diamond industry is worried! It’s come out with the Real is Rare campaign to highlight the exclusivity of the diamonds found in the natural world.

We know that diamonds undergo a tortuous process through immense heat and pressure to become the precious stone so much of the world is in love with. Labs create similar conditions and the resultant diamond is the absolute same cubic crystal structured carbon atoms.

There are many benefits of lab created diamonds:

  1. Made to order – the best part of lab created diamonds is that you can get as specific as you want. A diamond can be made to your exact requirement. Tell the lab what your karat preference is- you can go up to five karats if you’d like. Color can also be introduced in the forming process by the introduction of trace elements. Clarity is also better because the process is controlled and not left to the elements. You can also get the cut you need that shows off your stone to its sparkling best. What could be better than wearing a stone that’s everything you asked for?
  2. Ethical – we know that the demand for diamonds has created danger for miners and procurers of diamonds. Called ‘blood diamonds’, these stones bear a price far more than the number given on the bill. Human rights are ignored in our quest for that perfect stone and it causes so many deaths. A lab created diamond is more ethical, conflict-free, and does not involve the taking of lives. Only the creating of great stones.
  3. Highly personalized – we know that the diamond is created with carbon atoms. Seeing how most things contain carbon, you can supply the required building material for your diamond. A piece of cloth from a beloved outfit, fur of your pet, flowers, the sacred ashes of loved ones, your baby’s milk teeth, hair… the possibilities are endless. Every time you wear the diamond, your loved one is with you. What could be more precious than that?
  4. Eco-friendly – diamond mining put a lot of strain on the environment. Lab created diamonds are sustainable and do not impact the environment in a harmful way. This is good news for the world we live in.
  5. There is no difference – the manmade diamond and the lab-created diamond are the same in composition and there’s no difference that’s discernible to the naked eye. So when you’re showing it off to friends and family, no one will know where it’s come from. And you will know that your diamond is cruelty-free and valuable.

There are those who argue that a natural diamond is more valuable because of its process and the fact that it’s a part of the world, of the earth. A lab-made product isn’t nearly as romantic or lovely. So a natural diamond is a right fit for an engagement ring. Or a coming of age 18th birthday present. But think about it- the preciousness of a stone, of anything, comes from our association with it. So a ring or a pendant or a brooch is only important and vital because someone we care about gave it to us. Whether it’s natural or lab-created makes no difference at all.

A note of caution- there is a difference lab-created diamonds and other stones that look like diamonds- like the more common cubic zirconia. It does not have real carbon crystals and therefore is not a real diamond. Go to a certified lab to find what you need. The lab created diamond has durability and toughness and will last a long time. Give it or give it away, bequeath it to future generations or just own it for yourself- it’s a stone that will always remind you of a wise, moral, happy choice you’ve made.

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