The Most Popular Types of Toothbrushes

gtgrgyetYour teeth’s hygiene is very essential. Have you ever wondered why your teeth remain the same even after brushing them several times in a day? The chances are that you are not using the appropriate toothbrush. There are many types of toothbrushes on the market you may choose from. This article will enlighten you on the most popular types of toothbrushes that you need to know in order to make your dental hygiene perfect.

The most popular types of toothbrushes vary in sizes, shapes of the head, and some are manual or electric. Here is a list of the most popular toothbrush types:

1. Interdental brushes
They have tiny heads that assist you to remove all the dirt that may have hidden between your teeth. They come in different sizes that can accommodate to the spaces between your teeth.

People have various sizes of spaces on their teeth, and it is therefore recommended that you select the size of the brush that fits you best. The interdental brush is essential because it protects you from contracting gum diseases which may arise from the remains of food particles between your teeth.

2. Suica brush
This toothbrush appears to be unique. It contains one double headed brush and a finger brush. It is made from plastic, making it convenient to carry since it is very light. It plays a great role in cleaning your teeth eliminating the bad breath.

If you are suffering from bad breath and even after trying to brush your teeth a thousand times it persists, then Suica brush is the perfect solution for you. It will assist you in making your dental hygiene perfect.

3. Electric brush
The technology has played a great role because it has led to the invention of the electric brush. The various types of electric brushes include:

• Sonic – These are known to vibrate at a very high speed in order for them to clean the teeth entirely. Their numerous vibrations are known to remove all the dirt from the spaces between the teeth. They are classified as the best because they are easily rechargeable.

• Ultra-sonic – They have a unique shape that attracts you from a distance. Unlike the sonic, this one uses the waves to remove the food particles from the teeth.

The good thing about the electric toothbrushes is that they are durable, unlike the other types of the toothbrushes. It is recommended you change the head of the brush once in every three months to increase its effectiveness.

The electric brushes do a great job because the many vibrations and waves they produce at high speed, ensuring no unwanted material remains in the spaces between the teeth.

4. End-tuft brush
They are available in multiple colors, hence serving your needs in case the color of an item is usually your priority. This brush is recommended for cleaning the parts of the gum where other toothbrushes cannot reach.

This assists you in eliminating all the possible foot particles hidden in the spaces between the teeth that may cause the gum diseases. If you normally have problems with cleaning your teeth, an end-tuft brush will assist to remove all the food particles.

5. Ecological toothbrushes
This type of brush is made from bamboo rather than the plastic materials. It might look odd, but it serves all your dental needs. Ecological toothbrushes play a great role in conserving the environment. This toothbrush will help you for an extended period of time, but you can always change it after three months to enhance its effectiveness.

All these types of toothbrushes will give you a broad range of selection when deciding which is the best for you. Remember your dental health is paramount and you, therefore, need to take care of it entirely.

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