What to Look for in a Locksmith

As long as there have been locks, which is a very long time by the way, there have been locksmiths. This mysterious profession is not only highly skilled, the secrets of a locksmith are not revealed to anyone outside the trade, for fear of enlightening thieves, and if you ever require the services of a locksmith, here are some important points to bear in mind.


  • Trustworthy and Reliable – If you are looking for a locksmith, you might be confused about how you can possibly know whether the company in question is in fact, reliable and trustworthy. The first thing to do is look at their website and you should see a number of customer reviews, and this should give you an idea of what to expect. The site will also give you some details about the company and how long they have been operating, which is also a good indicator of the kind of service they will offer their customers. Of course, if you happen to know someone who has recently enlisted the services of a locksmith and are happy with the results, then the choice is easy. The best way to ensure the locksmith is trustworthy is to only deal with a reputable company, and preferably one that has many branches nationwide, which is another sign of reliability.
  • Accreditations – If the locksmith is UK based, look for a logos that show they are accredited with reputable associations, as they would have to reach acceptable standards to qualify, so any accreditations or awards would be a benchmark for the consumer. British standards of some of the highest in the world and any company that has accreditation in the UK, is likely to be a sound bet.
  • Timely Service – From initial contact until the locksmith arrives, you should receive prompt service, especially if it is an emergency. They would have several ways for customers to make contact, with a 24 hour emergency number and a contact form on their website, and if there is no reply from the emergency number, you are advised to look elsewhere. The Internet is a great tool for sourcing local services, and a simple search should point you in the right direction. Some emergency locksmiths like Keytek boast an incredible 30 minute response time, day or night, and this pretty much guarantees prompt service.
  • Friendly Disposition – Whenever we have to invite someone into our home, it makes us feel more secure of they are of a friendly manner. The locksmith would understand how a homeowner might be a little wary of strangers coming into the home, and would therefore do his best to ease your anxieties. Often, a locksmith will be called in after a burglary, and therefore they must be sympathetic with the anxieties of a homeowner, especially after a traumatic event like that. An experienced locksmith would make you feel at ease and would be happy to suggest ways to beef up your home security.
  • Customer Focused – A good locksmith will want his customers to be happy with his work, and this would be evident right from the start, and with a clearly understood price list, with no hidden extras, you won’t get a nasty shock later. Some companies actually waive the callout charge and if you can find such a company, it will certainly help to keep the price down. Price is obviously a concern, and even though you might be desperate due to an emergency lock out, the locksmith should not take advantage of this. Ideally, you should be given a fixed price for the work before the locksmith arrives, and that figure shouldn’t change.
  • Skilled Tradespeople – All British locksmiths should be CRB approved, and if this is the case, you can rest assured they know what they are doing. Emergency locksmiths usually operate a fleet of mobile units, and with an efficient communication system, someone will be there within minutes, in an emergency situation.
  • Warranty Backed – All the locksmith’s work should be covered by a comprehensive parts and labour warranty, which will give you peace of mind, and by only using top quality products and materials, any work undertaken will be guaranteed by the company.

Sourcing a reliable and trustworthy locksmith can seem a daunting challenge, but if you follow the above advice, you should have no trouble finding the right person to do the job.

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