Connected Car Trends for 2016

Many years ago, we could only predict what future vehicles would look like or what they would be capable of. Will they increase or decrease in size,and what about the speed? Today modern vehicles have evolved to include sensors, software, networks, and processors. Now, predictions of future vehicles focus on technology. What can we expect from vehicles in the near future and what other trends can we anticipate?


Personalizing is at the Forefront

Because of the new context aware software and other algorithms, new cars are becoming much more personalized. The context awareness used in vehicles will allow the cars to differentiate between a workday and personal time, like a weekend. Knowing the difference between these days will let the software in the vehicle know which algorithms it should use to find things like the best parking spot.

Best parking on a workday would mean a close parking lot or valet, and best parking on a personal day would mean cheaper or closer parking. Even though many car owners still usebasic options such as physical car keys, fuel, and also auto locksmith services in case of a lockout, there is quite a plethora of new and useful features used in new car models.

Another personalized experience in these vehicles is their ability to act similar to the driver. The persona and preferences of the driver can be transferred from car to car. The cars will adapt and understand the behavior of the driver as well as their preferences. This trend has risen with the fact that millennial’s will opt for car sharing or leasing as opposed to purchasing the vehicle.

Everything will be Algorithm Based

Businesses, such as car insurance companies, will start focusing on flexible and personalized services. This means that algorithms will predict an insurance premium based on the driving abilities and behavior of a driver in addition to the driving conditions. Predictive maintenance is one more capability that will soon come from smart software. Preventative measures will be offered to users so that they can maintain the health of their vehicle.

Ethernet in the Car

This is more than just streaming movies in the car. Adding Ethernet into vehicles will consolidate the hardware needed for Bluetooth, back up cameras and audio. The wires alone for these things can weigh around five pounds, and merging this will make room for other features.

How your Information will be Used

When vehicles become completely connected, they will be collecting personal data such as driving habits and other information about the vehicle on a regular basis. This will be sent to manufactures and will be used to improve the function of future cars for personalizing and security.

Safety is Still Important

There are new autopilot systems arising as well as technology that can control the trajectory of the vehicle without driver involvement. The cars’ proximity sensors will be able to help avoid collisions and accidents. The overall goal of the manufacturers and others involved with the advancement of vehicles is to make sure the vehicle is safe as well as personalized to your specific needs.

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