A friend who recently remodeled her home and it looks fantastic

Green HomeRecently I was able to sit down with a good friend of mine who lives part of the year in a Florida home down South. A few months ago she told me she was going through with her dream of updating the location and decided to hire contractors to begin the process of remodeling her Florida home. Having already seen the beautiful location, I was intrigued to find out what kind of changes she wanted to have made. Basically, she was looking for some modern updates with a traditional feel, something that would increase the value of her home for many years to come. As the renovations proceeded, I saw some photographs along the way and within a few weeks it was very clear that she was remodeling her Florida home with the right contractor. Everything about this home improvement project was looking beautiful!

My friend’s home in Florida has these great archways in each door frame. Hardwood flooring was discovered underneath existing carpets and there is clearly a story to be told about her home. I love that about her Florida home and envy her a bit for that reason.

Personally, my husband and I don’t like to have too much construction going on in the home and we don’t really like to constantly perform maintenance. Because of that, we built a new home a few years ago when we were done having children and our finances allowed. To us, a brand new home felt more maintenance free and gives us the option to sit back and enjoy ourselves. There is, however, something special about an older home that has a lot of unique character. Certain architectural designs can be really interesting which you don’t necessarily get with a modern custom home builder these days, no matter how good they are.

While truly distinctive character in an older home can be an upside of owning a fixer-upper, sometimes you can be faced with really outdated pieces of your home that require you to hire a contractor to update by way of home improvement projects. My friend told me one of the main reasons she thought about remodeling her Florida home in the first place was because of the yellow countertops that had been installed back in the 1970’s. They were very stylish and popular back then, but now they just didn’t fit with my friend’s personality or the décor of the rest of the home. This led to my friend realizing all of the other things in the home that were out of date and could use some refreshing–like cupboards, vanities, flooring and much more.

So the final home improvement project was revealed to me during a recent visit to see my friend for a long weekend. She was eager to show me the results of remodeling her Florida home. I have to admit, I was stunned! The house was completely transformed from an old fixer upper to what now has the appearance of a brand new, improved home that looks like it has just been built from the bottom up. I actually had to ask my friend if this was the same house or if she had demolished the old one and started over. The results were so beautiful and she was able to remain within her budget for the project. Now, I’m even making my own plans about what I would like to update in my own home someday!

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