Awareness, The Best Defense Against Parking Tickets

dedFew are the drivers who have never gotten a parking ticket. However, it’s safe to say that most drivers would prefer never to get another. The best defense against parking tickets is commonsense awareness of where you are and knowledge of the law.

Parking Violations Defined

A parking violation is any act where someone parks a motor vehicle in a location where it is either forbidden or authorized only for certain persons, such as a parking lot reserved for workers at a business. Parking violations are typically enforced as one of the duties of public police personnel, although it is not uncommon for there to be special legal entities that focus specifically on parking, such as the UK Parking Control. Parking rules and enforcement can also depend upon whether the space is privately or publicly owned.

Most Common Violations

It is rare for people charged with parking violations to be arrested. The typical method of enforcement is to be issued a parking ticket ordering the offender to either contest the ticket in court or pay a fine. The most common parking violations are:

Parking in prohibited spaces that endanger the safety or mobility of others, such as in front of a fire hydrant or in front of someone’s driveway.

Parking on the sidewalk.

Double Parking or in a crosswalk.

Staying too long at a parking meter or not paying at all.

Parking in an area reserved for the handicapped.

Parking in areas that require a special permit which you don’t have.

Parking in a place that impedes the ability to clear the streets in a snow emergency.

Parking at a bus stop or in areas reserved for commercial vehicles making deliveries.

Parking so as to interfere with construction and road maintenance.

Parking too long in one place, typically more than 24 hours.

Parking regulations are usually adopted locally, which means they can vary from one municipality to another. Therefore, the best way to avoid parking tickets is to empower yourself with knowledge before you park. If you are in doubt about whether it is okay to park in a certain place, either ask someone such as the owner of the property whether it is okay to park there, or else don’t park anywhere except in places where your right to do so is obvious. Walking a little further is better than paying a fine.

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