How Does Car Technology Affect Safety?

regetgtWith drones being used for delivery, watches that can now track and improve our fitness levels, and more hours spent in front of screens than ever before, it is impossible to deny that we are living in a technology-centric world. In addition to revolutionising our working day and the ways in which we relax, technology has also made major changes to the way we commute to the office, especially if you travel via car.

While we have not yet progressed to futuristic flying vehicles, it is likely that the roads will soon be filled with self driving cars. However, with Uber’s first self-driving cars removed from the road after being found to cut across cycle lanes, there is a worry that all of this technology may not make us any safer, after all.

In fact, some experts have argued that our clever car tech has actually led to us becoming less attentive and perceptive drivers. This is because research has shown that instructions delivered by GPS systems can cause drivers to make last-minute turns without checking their surroundings, and because of our reliance on this tech, it can also cause people to struggle to remember routes.

However, technology has also increased road safety in a number of ways, such as helping to preventing road accidents through the collapse of bridges and helping to train better drivers. As such, here is some of the in-car tech that could help to reduce accidents:

Cameras and Sensors

While we use wing and rear-view mirrors everyday while driving to observe our surroundings, the technology in our cars has been able to add an extra dimension. Through the use of cameras and sensors which are placed at various points around a vehicle, drivers are alerted to vehicles sitting in blind spots and warned if their car starts to drift out of lane. As such, this technology is helping to effectively stop accidents in their tracks, lowering the number of injuries and fatalities.

Parking Assist

Parking assist is another system that relies on camera and sensors. Many cars now come with this piece of tech, meaning drivers never have to worry about parallel parking again. This technology automatically manoeuvres your car into the space, using the cameras and sensors to detect the vehicle’s surroundings and steering the wheel accordingly. To park perfectly, all the driver has to do is take control of the brakes and accelerator.

Automatic Braking

Another piece of technology helping to prevent collisions are automatic braking systems. Again, auto breaking relies on sensors. These sensors work on proximity and are used to detect the distance between the driver’s vehicle and the vehicle in front. This means that should you get too close, the braking system will automatically kick in, helping to prevent pile-ups and serious injuries.

Voice Control Systems

As discussed by AA Cards, voice control systems are assisting with making our roads safer. While this technology is already being used, it is likely to become more popular in future, especially with the new higher penalties introduced for drivers who use their phones. Using this technology, you can easily dial a business contact to tell them you are running late, or input an updated destination for a business meeting, all with your voice.

Overall, technology has – and will continue – to increase road safety. In-car technology, such as cameras and sensors which are used alert to lane drifting, parking assist and automatic braking, as well as voice control systems that allow drivers to make call hands-free. It will be interesting to see what other technology will be utilised in our vehicles in order to reduce danger on our roads.

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