How to improve the SEO ranking of a website?

The implication of search engine ranking

The online world is a vast space where people are engaging in social interactions and e-commerce at a massive rate. People are using the online medium for multiple tasks. Websites are being created for multiple purposes, but all websites have one common intention, and that is to achieve a high ranking. High ranking implies that the website is accessible and attracts traffic.

The effect of search engine ranking is significant for every website owner; hence, the task is to build a website for attracting considerable organic traffic. The users find the relevant websites on the result page as per their entered search queries.

The position of a particular website on the result page concerning a relevant search query gives the website developer a fair idea about the rank of the site. Multiple factors affect the search engine ranking of a site. It is essential to understand the different aspects of optimization that enhances the search engine ranking of websites.

Detailed information regarding website performance can be acquired from Google Search Console. Tools are also present to make websites accessible on the search engine by acquiring a higher ranking.

The user experience aspect of a website

Optimization primarily focuses on the user experience. The term user experience refers to the quality of interaction that a person has while browsing through a website. Technologically there are some means to gather information regarding user experience about a particular website. A few indicative factors that help in determining user experience are enlisted below:

  • Bounce rate: The number of users navigating away from a website almost instantaneously
  • Amount of organic traffic: Number of users visiting the website
  • Rate of conversion: Users forming the client base
  • Browsing time: Amount of time spent by a user on the website on a session

User experience is a part of SEO, but quick SEO solutions are not always applicable for promoting conversions that form the clientele. It is essential to apply SEO solutions intelligently. Focusing on solutions present for short term traffic spikes is not a prudent decision because long term effect is desirable.

Steps for enhancing the SEO ranking of a site

SEO is vital for a website. The lack of optimization leads to a website that is rarely visited by users. The absence of visitors makes the site redundant, and therefore to attract users, the website has to be visible.

The primary task for any website developer is to ensure that the site is functioning correctly. The parameters that affect organic traffic have to be understood and improved to make the site rank at the top of the result page. These factors are delineated below:

  • Speed of the website:

Speed is an essential aspect. Users despise waiting while browsing online. The quicker the site loads, the easier it is for the user to view the site. A waiting time of more than 10 seconds is enough to drive away organic traffic.

Therefore, the speed of loading a particular website along with its videos, pictures, and audios, needs to be lightning fast.

  • Presence of errors:

The presence of a 404 error on a website hampers the browsing activity of users. External and internal links that do not lead to proper sites that are relevant to the parent site also creates confusion for the users.

The website requires thorough checking to ensure that there are no broken links or error pages. In the case of multiple versions of the same site, it is better to put a 301 redirect link from the other version to the authoritative and secure version of the website.

  • Quality of the website content:

It is an essential aspect of any online site. Without high quality and engaging content, it is impossible to rank on the search engine ladder. Duplicate content SEO can creep up, which in turn lowers the efficacy of the website.

Such problems can be found by using a Copyleaks duplicate content checker. In case of duplicate content issues stemming from multiple site versions and URL parameter variations, a canonical redirect link solves the problem. In this way, the search engine can crawl and rank the parent website. Another aspect that affects website content is plagiarism.

To avoid plagiarism, scraping content from other sites is to be avoided. The presence of copied content or duplicate page severely affects the status of a website. Website owners need to check for plagiarism by using the best plagiarism checker so that the uploaded content is plagiarism-free. It is equally essential to be vigilant regarding unauthorized use of their content on other online websites.

  • Construction of the online site:

A site has to be built after careful consideration regarding the browsing habits of users. The homepage has to be coherent and suitably designed to ensure that users can grasp the core values of the site by scanning the main page. Readable and comprehensible written content is essential.

A detailed contact us page makes the site trustworthy for users and search engines. Well constructed menus and more straightforward navigational tools to the category pages are essential factors that affect user experience and search engine rankings.

  • Incorporation of social media:

Social media has become an integral part of the online platform. Websites can acquire more traffic through social media posts. Search engine ranking considers social media posts for ranking purposes. Introducing social pages for a website and social media sharing buttons on the website helps in attracting more people to the website.


Ranking of a site as per search engine results is of vital importance. Appropriate optimization helps in boosting the position of a website on the result page. Efforts are required to enhance the quality of every aspect of the website. It can help the site to have a higher conversion rate, as well as high ranking, is achieved.

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