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photo-161-960x340This web site appears quite simple yet very effective to its purpose. It conveys the personality of the designers, husband and wife from Fort Lauderdale, and their humble, but honest and outwardly character.

The layout will make most visitors feel comfortable with the visual aspect of design, especially when it comes to hues that dominate the pages, as they are not hard on the eyes and represent the theme at hand — classic wooden furniture. You will feel as if you are in the right place if you are looking to get yourself some classic, custom-made furniture or to refinish your own. The message in the home page contributes to that feeling.

Even though such style becomes this site nicely, a change of the fonts to some of the more classic-appearing would be a small but pleasant addition to feel of the site. There are minimum graphics and no animations so all pages load fast. For a site of this category that is quite laudable. The colors on the images get along with the colors of the pages and seem natural.

Slide of the images on home page is an expected and welcome addition and it could be expanded a little bit more, enriched by a couple more images of representable work.

As you will see from the description of their services in the small introduction just under the images slideshow — Redux Designs provide their customers with two kinds of services—custom finishing & refinished furniture. You can try and access by clicking on top of the page in case you are looking for more information. When you click “Custom Finishing” you get the comments section with some images of customers’ finished furniture but not any information about how it is done or what separates them from the other designers. Comments section is welcomed but it could have been cut short or made into taking less space through the change off arrangement between the images and the comments.

The table refinishing Fort Lauderdale flpage appears to be recurring mention of refinishing tables, giving the impression of designers only working with this piece of furniture. It gives an impression of amateurism and lack of care for public image and well-placed marketing. After all, that is how one gets to a breakthrough on the custom furniture Fort Lauderdale FL.

Overall, the site is pleasant, representative of personality of the designer team that appears friendly and kind but it still takes some polishing and putting in effort to be a work of art as much as the work with furniture it promotes.

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