What Are the Major Trends Which Have Influenced the Security Marketplace in 2018?

Security is a key element in operation of any organization. Businesses adopt different types of security processes to ensure high level of security in the business. Analysists and Industry leaders from various recognized organizations in the world have examined top security trends that have influenced the security marketplace in the year 2018.

  • More focus on cybersecurity

Deliverables have paved the path for conversations among physical security integrators, manufacturers and the end users. Consolidation of security manufacturers and quality security integrators have continued to modify the entire dynamics of security industry.

  • Diversification of physical security

According to Ivan Spector physical security at the workplace is getting more and more diversified. This is because employment pool has now got new generation of business professionals and physical security. These professionals have different expertise and academic backgrounds that offer dynamic innovative and collaboration systems.

  • Increased adoption of consumer-based security platform

The highly valuable, but less used mass notification indicated greater adoption via a few consumer security platforms. Some of these products are video doorbells and other interactive viewable programs. There was seen an increased focus and adoption by national retailers of video, electronic security, and monitoring.

  • Use of video surveillance systems

Various municipalities have been seen to excessively adopt progressive video-based surveillance and monitoring systems. These surveillance products feature in-depth learning video analytics that has been in a big trend. This technology is getting build into solutions that are advertised for specific uses. One of them being face detection feature that helps in automated masking of the privacy in vehicle identification or retail for police.

  • Use of IVR systems

Interactive voice response (IVR) technology is used to monitor places with the help of language speech recognition. Implementation and engagement of such systems in efficient service delivery are increasing. It is becoming a widely accepted component in the service plan.

Increased demand for simple products

Consumers choose to use those services and products that are easy and simple to operate. They should be designed with intuitive and clearly defined user interfaces. Such systems ensure a thoughtful and smart home security with an amazing customer experience. Customers wish to operate their home more proactively and intuitively, that gives them more objective-driven features than just adjusting their thermostat or switching on lights.

Established players to take over newbies

Competition is getting heated up among developed companies and the new players who have recently entered in the marketplace. Strategic firms like Amazon is thinking to take over existing firms. Their motive is to bring innovative expertise to the industry, thereby modifying the entire competitive landscape.

Drop in technology costs

Technology costs have seen a drop because the component costs of labor have increased and skill sets have vanished.

Video verification

Video verification has become a prime aspect of the device that offers security and monitor services. These services assist in actively enhancing the preciseness of incidents that are reported to 911 centers.

New GPS solutions are getting used

Use of ASAP, PSAP, and newly released GPS solutions with increased abilities within the supervision center software have improved to maintain supervision center margins.

New product range got introduced

The introduction of new range of smart speakers are designed for commercial contexts that has facilitated drastic growth in the field of voice assistants. This growth is seen especially in nonresidential buildings. It is projected to be dramatic in hotels as well as in health-care amenities that have more than 50% compounded annual growth rate in the vertical markets.

Extensive use of building management system

Platforms for building management have been used increasingly to execute more functions than just integrating and connecting security and energy domains in those places.

Increased use of residential security devices

Frequent implementation of smart speakers and video doorbells resulted in providing a decent level of security to residential consumers. Due to their increased use, shipments of video-based doorbells have increased by 65%.


In 2018 several organizations were amazed and challenged by known as well as unknown malicious threats. An awareness about it and implementation of preventive measures will ensure that it does not harm your business in 2019. With the steady growth of advanced cybersecurity solutions and emerging technologies, security experts are keen to follow the above cyber security trends in 2019 too.

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