Considerations before Beginning a Construction Project

Regardless of whether your company is running out of space or growing, deciding that it’s time to build anew can be intimidating and overwhelming. Experts always understand the feeling felt by people who are starting off with such construction projects and hence they try to help them deal with the procedure as smoothly as they can. The friendly architects are always there to help you in case you need help in navigating through the process.

With building and construction projects, the sooner you start, the sooner you will get done. It won’t work if you didn’t so some essential planning in advance. Each contractor runs their business in a different manner. What are the things that you should take for security of your work before you start off with a building project? Read on.

#1: Can you invest enough time to continue with this?

What about your time commitment to the construction project? Are you being honest about it? There are several owners who have the willingness to be involved heavily but they also have another company that they run. As these are common instances, a busy owner may later on not find enough time for his construction project. If you wish to eliminate this stress, try to appoint some other dedicated person for that project who can commit the time that’s required for scheduling the project on time.

#2: Which consultants are you liable for?

This seems to be an easy task but there are few projects where the consultants are not contracted via the architect. The Security Consultants and Audio Visual are consultants who are contracted directly via the owner and this is sensible enough as they’re all experts in whatever they do. Nevertheless, there is one mistake which is made by most owners and that is waiting late in the designing process till it involves consultants within the designing team. This leads to poor coordination between items. Correct choosing of consultants will help in protecting your work better.

#3: Do you have a plan when you cross your budget for construction?

Let’s face reality! When the design team draws the entire design of the building, there will be definite errors in the drawings and there will also be issues which might come up later on which aren’t foreseen. Being the business owner, you might wish to change few things to add something more to it. Changes will always happen and whenever there are changes, this will cost you dollars. At the same time, changes are inevitable and hence you should devise a plan B in case you cross your construction budget.

#4: Are you seriously looking for a building that’s LEED certified?

Who doesn’t love the idea of being given the certification of LEED? It is vital to be able to design buildings which are environmentally sustainable and there have been several constructors who have completed building which have earned different levels of certification from LEED. The best part is that it is easily possible to accomplish this certification level without having to do too much hard work. Nevertheless, the process of documentation will take some money and time on the part of the designers. There is a trend among the designers of Certified Level who don’t actually go through the documentation carefully. Though few construction site owners believe that certification is one of the most effective marketing tools for a business, yet it is also an environmentally responsible job.

#5: How can you maintain the right schedule for your general contractor?

You need to discuss the expectations of the schedule with the GC or General Contractor often. In fact, you should ask him to plan weekly and even bi-weekly meetings with updates. Take into account weather delays for constructing the exteriors. Hence, if you don’t want to procrastinate, you should discuss the schedule with your GC.

Henceforth, whenever you jumpstart into a construction project, make sure you consider the above mentioned details before taking the plunge.

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