A good entertainment blog, anyone?

I have had a knack for writing since I was a child.

As I grew, I have seen technology advance with me. Initially I remember writing in those spiral-binding diaries that were left spare by elders in the house. Few more years later we had the digital diaries. After the computer era and the internet and social media and what not, came the significant and revolutionary thing called BLOGS.

This had opened my interest to reading about other people’s experiences, personal lives and livelihood. It gives me immense pleasure to read what is going around, in people’s own words unrestricted by the censor board, media or politics.

My interest in reading blogs has often taken me to food sites where people share their personal recipes. This goes a long way in cooking and relishing a gourmet meal.

My friends know this great obsession I have with reading about other people’s lives, their cooking and anything entertaining so one of them mentioned a new website he had come about named snowyduck.com which is rated amongst the top 10 entertainment blogs. He had talked up the website so much that my expectations were quite high. I mean c’mon, a blogging website for the ultimate reading experience; I had to check it out. And when I did, I wasn’t disappointed at all.

The best feature was that I need not have gone through all the headings and topics. I simply clicked on the right section and had my interest in front of me.

The awesome thing is you will find the funniest and most unlikely of topics and selection of articles which, until you read, you wouldn’t understand what you were missing out on. I have read almost all the blogs under entertainment and lifestyle and I think it’s a great job. But for me, the best is the section foodie which is actually a featured part.

I now see why my friends thought it was meant for me. Good work snowyduck! 🙂

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