Great Tips on How to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities for Beginners

blogging-insideWell, you definitely know how effective and beneficial guest blogging turns out in terms of backlinks, traffic and email subscribers. However, all these returns are only possible if you have blogged on the best place.

Now the question is, how to determine what websites give best guest blogging opportunities? Where can you submit your post and get great returns? For good traffic all you need is a great guest blog, which accepts posts and is famous amongst the readers you need. Here we have listed a few points which can help you determine where you must post and where not.

Determine who exactly you want to target:

This is one of the most important things that you would like to settle on before beginning to blog. Ask yourself, who are your customers? For whom your post will be extremely beneficial and helpful? For instance, if you are blogging about a particular injection or medicine your target readers will be either doctors who are prescribing it or patients to whom they are prescribed.

Determining this clearly will take a while. Do your research and gradually you will understand as to who will be going through your blogs and this will help you connect with them in a better way.

Figuring out what your customers read:

Once you have figured out who your customers are, the next thing to clear out is what they exactly read. For this, you will have to think like them for a while and go to places they go. Also, this is what guest blogging is all about. You actually publish your post on sites which your customers are already following. After all, it is a lot easier to go where they already are instead of pulling them to you. If you are not sure about creating post content yourself, you can always ask for help from reputed guest post providers & app review services by Here are a few tips on how you can figure out what your customers read:

  • Simply ask your customers what blogs and sites they continuously refer.
  • Search for such keywords on search engines which you think your customers might be searching too.
  • Use twitter, facebook, followerwonk, etc. to find out what your targeted customers exactly follow.

Which blogs are actually worth posting on?

When you are looking for blogs, you will come across many options. Well, the thing is not all will prove to be as favorable as you expect them to be. So, make sure the one you select qualifies as per the below mentioned criteria:

  • It must have high page ranking.
  • It must have email subscribers. The bigger the list the more clicks you can expect.
  • It must have good social followers. Check how many facebook or twitter users follow it.
  • It must be reputed as this will improve your reputation amongst your customers.

Make sure if the blogs you find interesting will accept your post or not:

When you have come across some blogs, which you know your customers follow, the next thing to do is contact those bloggers. See if they actually accept guest post or contributors post or not. The best way to determine this is by looking for contact or contribute page on the blog.

Lastly, if big blogs are not accepting your post, start with smaller ones. Remember, blogging cannot help you grow overnight, even it will take time. Select blogs wisely and post awesome content for more clicks.

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